Minutes 14th March 2016

Councillors were summoned to a meeting on 14th March 2016 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre
Press and public were cordially invited to attend


Present: Rebecca Gill Clerk (RG)
In Attendance: Mark Millmore Chairman (MMIL), Sally Robertson(SR),Kerry Sheldon(KS),Jane Davies (JD),Neil Jenkins (NJ),Neil Duggan(ND)

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE: Dawn Arbuthnott, Angela Tyler, Marc Mohan. Andrew Round.

2. Co-Option of any new Councillors to the Parish Council: Positions full

3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: None received

4. Request for dispensation: None received.

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 8th February 2016: Minutes accepted as a true and accurate representation of the meeting.

6. Action points from previous meeting

  • SR to arrange flyer for Wentworth park residents regarding playground.
  • SR to arrange litter pick
  • Clerk and MMO to write asset registration form. Awaiting comments from Mark Haslam

7. Report by Ward Councillor Report given by SR for AR, AR would like to arrange a meeting With two councillors and Sam Banks and Kevin Singleton.

8. Public participation (10 mins) Member of the public would like to see street lighting on the Meadow view estate. There are currently no street lights on the estate and it is causing safety issues. MMIl it is unlikely that we will get street lighting retrospectively. SR advises that the petition is given to AR to present at full council. Member of the public points out that it is not in an adopted area.

Member of the public would like to see an Attwood lane sign on the corner by Meadow View. This sign can come out of the section 38 monies. Also a No Through road sign to stop people going into Meadow View. Plan to MMIL and SR to look into signage and to give petition to AR for full council.

Wentworth Park Play area. Member of the public unhappy that play park will attract older children using the area as a football pitch and vandalise the play equipment and smashing bottles. Older children were there until later at night, causing noise and nuisance. No fencing around the play park. One member of the public would use it if the equipment was upgraded. Invite Fran White to attend the next meeting to discuss this.

Member of the public concerned about the planning application at Shelwick P 160492 the concerned that there will be further building and that it will encourage more than two cottages in the future. MMIl PC cannot act on hearsay.

Member of the public would like to say that there was ill feeling about the co-option and the website does say it needs to be in the parish. The actual rule has been that you need to live within 3miles as the crow flies. MMIL defends the decision and says that we needed a wider range of councillors from a wider area. MMIl will update the website.

Member of the public would like to volunteer to print of a block plan for every application. Chairman would like to accept that. Clerk to copy JP into planning applications so that he can print. MMIl to speak to SL (Vicar)n about using the projector.

Member of the public would like to point at that Shelwick is listed as proportional housing is allowed. So that is an increase 18-20% to the Shelwick area.

9. Standing Orders: N/A

10. Finance

  • Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
  • Burghill CAP CLP printing £200.00
  • Eyelid productions £208.00
  • V. Prichard (Catering for CLP launch) £100.00
  • Elections costs £48.90
  • Parti Millmore £40.00
  • Burghill CAP £52.00
  • All cheques signed by DA and MMIL
  • JD and SR agree to become signatories.

11. Planning and Updates: See public participation for comments.

  • 160492 Land adjacent to Oakley End, Shelwick, Hereford, HR1 3ALSite for proposed erection of 2 cottages with access: SR proposes that the Pc should have a sight visit. SR, NJ,JD, MMIl and KS to meet at 2pm to do site visit. Clerk to make officer aware of the planned sight visit. PC will also look at a speed reduction on that road
  • 160432Land adjacent Barbury & Raynards Chase, Coldwells Road, Munstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 1LH.Outline application (all matters reserved) for a proposed dwelling: PC resolves to raise no objection MMIL propose and ND seconds.
  • 160292 Land at The Office, The Grange, Shelwick, Hereford, HR1 3AWNotification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of a building from office use (Class B1(a)) to 5 dwelling houses (Class C3): NJ would like to do a site visit on this application. Clerk to inform officer. SR to advise clerk of responses for both site visits.

12. Litter pick: Litter Pick arranged for the 23rd April at 1:30. WI will provide refreshments. Church to provide the hall for free. A good response. Clerk and SR will do risk assessment on the day.

13. Neighbourhood plan: AR to arrange for Sam Banks and Kevin Singleton to meet with two Parish councillors.

14. Date for Annual meeting 6th May at 6-7pm official meeting and 7 onwards. Cheese, wine, bee, cider and wine. Parti Millmore and Kerry Sheldon. Advertised properly.

15. Furlongs and Meadow View Street Lighting: SR proposes that we agree with the proposal and MMIL seconds.

16. Lengthsman

  • List of Jobs and update: repair verges between The Rosie and Bank House. Also bus shelter needs tidying. Empty Culvert by MEB substation on Meadow View side.

17. Sighting of dog bins: KS proposes that one bin is sighted in the quarry(balancing pond) area. ND is seconded. NJ wants his objection to dog bins recorded. SR will do some signs for the notice boards. MMIl seconds this proposal. Also add a Polly pocket full of dog poo bags to notice board

18. Clerk Response policy: seven day email response and 9-5 working hours weekly. Clerk to tell complaints to put it in writing or email. MMIl proposes and NJ seconds.

19. Police report: Emailed to councillors. Police report to be added to website.

20. Burial Ground: Shed. ND to check, Handrail quote accepted proposed by MMIL and JD and mole traps.

21. Clerks update and correspondence: Emailed to all councillors.

22. Items for next agenda: June Queens birthday celebration with church, Bench at pond, Dog bins, Implementation group. Attwood lane signs. Attwood lane wild flower seeds.

23. Date of next meeting 11th April 2016

24. Meeting closed at 20.53