Minutes 14th July 2014


Councillors were summoned to a meeting on 14th July 2014 at 7pm in HOLMER meeting ROOM


In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson(SR),Rebecca Gill(RG)clerk Graham Preece (footpath officer)GP,Nine members of the parish.
Present: Richard Nash (RN), John Phipps (JP), Dawn Arbuthnott (DA), Julie Debbage (JD), Mark Millmore (MMIL), Marc Mohan (MMO)

  2.  DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations : Julie Debbage lengthsman scheme
  3. Request for dispensation :N/A
  4. TO CONSIDER AND ADOPT MINUTES OF LAST MEETING 12th May 2014 and June 24th 2014: Received as an accurate account of the meetings and signed by the chair(RN)
  5.  PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (10 MINUTES) Member of the parish is concerned about the planning application on New Grove Roman Rd, he had concerns about privacy but these have been addressed by the applicant. He is also concerned about the size of the property and that The Plymouth Brethren meetings will take place at the property. Also a large parking area indicates to him that it will be used for more than a home. PC has done site visits in the past and would be prepared to do a site visit. Only word of mouth has confirmed the applicant is Plymouth Brethren. JD says the house is going to be set back from the line of bungalows already there. The proposed property will be very dominant on the skyline. Team leader on planning application at Herefordshire Council has taken the file away to view heights. PC will do a site visit at 6pm Thursday 17th July.

    Bloor homes development: Member of the public has had a property sale fall through because buyer learned of the Bloor development. Sally is investigating with HC as hearsay says that the planning had been passed which is untrue and this caused the parishioners buyer to pull out. Resident has concerns about the care home and was told by somebody at the Bloor Consultation that is for people who need extra care in the community and feels the name of the “care Home” is misleading.

    Different parishioner objects to the site in principle and says the Greenfield site should be kept, parishioner also feels the infrastructure is not there to take a development of that size and asks who decided it was not a greenfield site who had this site marked for housing? Parishioner wants to know who instigated the site HC or Bloor. SR feels this site is premature as the core strategy has not been executed and that Bloor are trying to get this in before the core strategy is finalised. Infrastructure not being in place seems to be a big issue for parishioners.

    SR advised people to write to their MP Bill Wiggin. There were also concern raised by residents that Holmer school will be unable to cope with local demand .Traffic is also a big concern on the Roman Rd for parishioners. RN urges people to write to clerk (RG) with their concerns and what it is they want to see change on the application to alleviate their concerns. RN thanks parishioners for coming and sharing their concerns.

    Member of the parish has strong complaints about Coldwells Care Home smell, they have contacted the Environmental Health. Parishioner cannot even sleep with windows at home as the smell is so bad. SR to take it up with Environmental Health. Advised to contact Aaron Semple at HC. No building application was put in or planning applications this has been reported previously.

  6. Finance
    Clerks salary and expenses salary agreed by PC: signed RN,DA
    Viking office supplies £38.60:signed RN,DA
    Richard Mills burial ground work £354.00:signed RN,DA
    Welsh water £14.80 DD:Ratified
    Burghill cap printing for CLP £362.19:Signed RN,DA
  7. Paperstones office supplies for CLP £82.00: this cheque was cancelled as it should have been made out to S. Roberston for CLP.New cheque raised for S.Roberston and signed by RN,JP Police report :clerk not receiving police reports SR to Chase
  8. Footpath officer report: No problems .PC asked if GP could talk to the owner of H10 at Shelwick .GP will talk to H3 footpath owner about cutting hedge back. MMO will do an arrow audit on footpaths.
  9. Clerks update and correspondence: Correspondence sheet attached no issues or comments on any correspondence .Clerk updated PC about training schedule.
  10.  Report from ward Councillor Sally Robertson: Core strategy comments now being analysed. Safe guarding issues HC want parish councils to take on more but not sure in which way SR assures that we will be contacted at some point by HC. New locality steward Steven Churchill rural steward. PC should invite locality steward to PC meeting. SR has meeting with highways regarding new planning in area on A49.SR has had concerns from parishioners about footpath at Bloor site and needles being found on site of footpath.
  11.  Planning update:
    •Responses (see planning sheet)
    • Crest re-burial ground: PC sent letter to Kevin Bishop stating why the parish council wanted more land from crest development for Burial ground.
    • Discuss Bloor development and ask for dates for presentation: Clerk will try and get Holmer parish centre Thursday 24th July 7pm and will contact Bloor Asap. Clerk to make list of concerns and send to Bloor after meeting on the 24th July.
  12. BURIAL GROUND update: working group to get quotes for grounds man. Working group to look at working back up on plot lay out. Working group to look at letter from Graham and Kay Preece asking for 100yrs on exclusive rights and consider.
  13. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME update to include complaint letter from Mrs Borthwick about junction at Munstone road being obscured by signs and grass. Paul Rone to inspect junction and if he decides it is dangerous to instruct Belfour Beatty to cut immediately. Clerk to write to The Rosie ,Munstone house and Alloy wheel company and ask them to move the signs back as they are causing a traffic concern.
  14.  COMMUNITY LED PLAN: Prize Money and update: SR to send budget to clerk and RN. PC will match SR contribution of £100 for prize money. Set date for Prize draw 24th July after Bloor meeting. Raised a cheque for winner made cheque out to SR for £100
  15. Commons: Working group set up consisting of JP,DA,MMO
  16.  Website for Parish Council and to vote on domain name: Pc have three choices. PC Voted for Holmer and Shelwick parish council.com,.co.uk,.org.uk two will be parked to stop others using the name. MMIl will make a bare bones site with just about us as a pc and info , contact details etc. MMIL will have training meeting and email clerk the dates for meeting.
  17.  Clerks appraisal and salary vote. Agreed pay scale of 8.82 per hour.
  18.  Discuss opportunities for 106 monies. DA asks for something to be done on Munstone crossroads BB could advise us . Coldwells Rd, Munstone Rd junction and furlongs junction. SR crossing on the A49, upgrade Glenthorn Rd crossing, Burial ground, Contribution to Lyde community centre or speak to vicar about an extension for Holmer parish centre, Kempton Avenue junction .Traffic problems need to eliminated in the parish. RN we should be traffic surveys to find out why traffic flows better at certain times of day etc. PC are waiting for results of study from BB.SR will check if 106 monies are being used by BB to do study. BB will charge PC for the results of the study.
  19.  Septic tank at Coldwells nursing home causing complaints from residents. PC to write to Marc willimont(head of development and environmental health and ask why there was not a planning application for septic tank at Coldwells PO Box 230, Blueschool House, Blueschool Street, Hereford hr1 2zb or email mwillimont@.gov.uk
  20.  Items for next agenda. CLP update ,
  21.  Date of next meeting 8th September.