Minutes 13th June 2016

Councillors were summoned to a meeting on 13th June 2016 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre
Press and public are cordially invited to attend


In attendance: Mark Millmore Chairman(MMIL), Marc Mohan Vice Chairman(MMO),
Neil Duggan(ND), Neil Jenkins(NJ), Angela Tyler (AT), Jane Davies(JD),Sally Robertson(SR)

Present: Rebecca Gill(RG) Clerk, Ward Councillor Andrew Round (AR)

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE: Kerry Sheldon

2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: Neil Duggan declares an pecuniary interest in item 10.2

3. Request for dispensation: None

4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 9th May 2016: Minutes accepted as a true and accurate account of the meeting and signed by the chair.

5. To vote in new Parish Councillor: A vote was taken and Andrew Coultas was voted in.

6. Neighbourhood Plan address by Lynda Wilcox: A neighbourhood plan is the most important thing you can do for your parish. It indicates were we would like to see development and were we would not. We are the only ones who can but this marker down. It is never too late to start a plan despite lots of planning already happening. It normally takes about 18 months. The PCcannotconflict with what HC plan says. But we can define. A Government for the Pc of 9Kis available. We can apply to awards for all for another 10k grant. Most of the government grant will go to the planning consultant. HC will assign a planning officer to us to help the Pc. The plan must be in planning speak hence the reason for using a consultant. It is a lawful document and is valid until 2031. The PC must set up a working group that are answerable to the PC and reports back to the PC at every stage. They will have a standing order on the agenda. The clerk is authorised to make sure the steering group can keep going and not be held up financially. The plan once done will be checked by an inspector and will make comments. The public are then consulted. The plan is then put to a public vote. If it is voted in it will then be ratified. All meetings must be public. Lynda offers to hold a planning meeting to encourage people to join the steering group. You should elect a co-ordinator of the steering group. The first step would be to call a parish meeting. We then need to notify HC that we are going to do one. Flyers are a good way to let the parish know want to do this and to prove that we have tried to involve the public. If you don’t do the Council will do it for you and make your decision. We should liaise with neighbouring parishes. Steering group should decide if we should be site specific or policy the consultant could give advice on this.
All councillors in favour of starting a neighbourhood plan for the entire parish boundary.

7. Report by Ward Councillor: AR pleased to see PC take on neighbourhood plan. Meeting about the link road. Between 12 noon and 8pm all public invited. Meadow Park petition was taken to full council and given it to Brian Wilcox and no residents turned up to support this. No feed back so far from the council. AR disappointed nobody from Meadow Park went to support. After talking to residents nobody seems to actually want them outside their properties. Cars are still driving into Meadow Park but it is less than before. HC suggested that the PC could put some money towards the street lights. PC should be aware that the Roman Rd by Listers white lines need re-defining. Mark Millmore to write letter. MMil will liaise with SR.

8. Public participation (10 mins) Mark Millmore reads out a statement stating why the precept has been increased. This is in answer to a question asked by a member of the public. Member of the public is very concerned about The Rosie re-opening. The planning that is proposed on the site dictates that it will not re-open. PC explained that the PC has put in to make it as a Community asset. Member of the public 106 monies is available for speed trial on Munstone and Shelwick roads. MMIl to write to Yvonne Coleman about spending money.

9. Finance

  • Clerks salary as agreed by the parish Council
  • R.Mills Burial Ground 366.00
  • Welsh Water DD 17.56
  • Burghll Cap Printing. £15.22
  • All cheques signed and authorised and by MMIL and MMO.

10. Planning and Updates

  • 150478 Land to the North of Roman Rdwest of the A49, Holmer west Hereford. Proposed erection of 460dwellings including affordable housing, public open space, a park and ridefacility, with associated landscaping access, drainage and other associated works:PC object and say that we refer to the previous comments and believe that none of these objections have been addressed. We also have major concerns about the principal street and the proposed development and would like to see the relief road go around the outside of the development. From the original plan they introduced a footpath and ask why this was introduced and its purpose asit was a major change. Invite Guy Wakefield to the next meeting as we have some concerns about some new issues.
  • 161482 Land east of The Rosie Public house, Coldwells road, Munstone Hereford. Construction of a detached self-build dwelling with integral one bedroom dependent relative to annexe replace the existing static caravan and new children’s play area for the pub: ND leaves the room at this point. MMO proposes a site visit. SR seconds this. Date set for Friday 10am. Clerk to email owners. MMIL, MMO, JD,SR,AT and AR.
  • 160959 Land east of the Rambles, Shelwick. Re-consultation: AT main objection is flooding and safe access. AT to put something in writing and email to all for comment.

11. Notice boards: Notice boards. One to be sited at the church one on the furlongs (speak to crest, clerk job), one on Attwod Lane. Speak to Fran White about the last one (clerk job)

12. Roman Rd white lines at Junction Attwood Lane/Old school lane; MMIl and SR to write to Richard Ball.

13. Traffic calming for Attwood Lane: MMIl and SR to write to Yvonne Coleman.

14. Wentworth Park Play area: Councillors discussed and a vote was taken MMIL proposes that we do not take this on ND seconds this. All other councillors were in favour.

15. Dog Bins: Clerk to carry on putting pressure on Max Grantham and Also email Phil Pankhurst to ask for him to chase.

16. Lengthsman: Cutting of Shelwick and Sutton junction cut splay. Hedge to be cut on Roman rd past shop before Orchard Close. ( clerk to email lengthsman plan)

17. Training for Councillors in conjunction with Burghill: In house training should be done separately. Date set for 04/08/16 to major on planning 7-9 pm.

18. Police report: sent to all and put on the website.

19. Burial Ground: handrail installed not installed as we planned. We need to continue the handrail up the slope. Grass needs cutting. Saplings and trees need to be removed. MMIL to meet R. Mills to identify. Bin and concrete bin needs emptying. Nettles and borders need trimming. Shed needs to be painted. Benches need paintingThe cremation area needs tidying. Sign for front. MMIl and ND to meet at burial ground to identify headstones. AT to organise for someone to view byre.

20. Clerks update and correspondence:

21. Items for next agenda: Speed limit Shelwick and Munstone. Steepness of the footpath and no signs for child or rumble strips.

22. Date of next meeting11th July2016

23. Meeting closed 21.38