Minutes 13th January 2014

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Monday 13th January 2014 7pm Holmer Church Vestry Room


Present: Richard Nash(RN) (chair), John Phipps (JP), Ronnette Thomas (RT), Ceri Lloyd-Davies (CLD)

In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Roberts (SR), outgoing parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, incoming parish clerk Rebecca Gill, Footpaths Officer Graham Preece, 3 members of the public.

  1. Apologies for absence received from Dawn Arbuthnott and Julie Debbage,
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations – none made.
  3. Co-opting new parish councillors: two expressions of interest received from Mark Millmore and Marc Mohan, parish council resolved to co-opt both candidates (proposed by RT, seconded by JP, carried unanimously).
  4. Minutes of last meeting (11th November 2013) accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair.
  5. Proposed time restriction on parish council meetings: resolved to limit meetings to a 10:pm finish, which could be extended at the discretion of the chair (proposed by JP seconded by RT).
  6.  Public participation (10 minutes) offered to but not taken up by members of the public present.
  7. Highways
    7.1. Update on public meeting held last week to discuss highways issues: SR confirmed that she will be meeting Herefordshire Council’s Andrew Lee-Jones (ALJ) next week to discuss issues raised, also will be making a request to Yvonne Coleman that 106 monies be used for a feasibility study to plan a project to alleviate the highways issues in Church Way/Attwood Lane area. SR will then arrange a public meeting to update residents on progress. RN suggested the PC could carry out its own study observing traffic using the roundabout and recording where they approach from and where they go. It was acknowledged that the public meeting was well supported. JP offered to draw up a plan with his suggestions marked also some of those raised at the meeting.
    7.2. Parking restrictions in Church Way: to be included in the overall proposed feasibility study.
    7.3. Consider purchasing speed indication device and install bases. Clerk to contact HC’s road safety team to begin negotiations for installation of bases. SR will ask Hereford City Council if they will rent out their equipment. SR will also speak to ALJ to request that the 30mph restriction on A49 is moved further north to allow a SID base to be positioned near the burial ground.
  8. Update by Footpaths Officer Graham Preece: Footpath HO6 at Crest site closure extended until May 2014. Council asked SR to press HC to get the footpath re-opened as no sensible reasons can be seen for maintaining closure.
  9. Resignation of clerk and appointment of replacement: Resignation from Hazel Philpotts confirmed and accepted. Council resolved to appoint Rebecca Gill starting on 1st February, and to employ both outgoing and incoming clerks for a month as a hand over and training period.
  10.  Finance
    10.1. invoices/payments to be approved:
    clerks salary and expenses £646.30
    Information Commission – Data Protection Registration renewal £35.00
    Holmer PCC – hire of church for meetings £84
    Richard Mills – re-turfing grave at burial ground £49.50
    Burghill CAP (newsletter printing) £25.60
    10.2.ratification of payment of invoices:
    Richard Mills (lengthsman work £339.60, burial ground £228.00) total £567.60
    10.3.Set precept and budget for 2014/15 agreed to set precept at £8004.00
  11. Request from resident of The Furlongs for street lighting: Clerk to refer the enquiry back to Herefordshire Council as the matter is not for the PC to determine or fund.
  12. Report from Ward Councillor Robertson:
    12.1. SR reported a possible application for a very large development covering Holmer and Shelwick and Pipe and Lyde, which the PC may wish to challenge SR to circulate more details.
    12.2. Balfour Beatty (BB) monthly surgeries starting 14th January, SR will raise pot-holes (large one in Coldwells Lane near DA) and issues at junction of Attwood Lane and Church Way.
    12.3.Proposed composting site Moreton-on-Lugg no longer being considered as analysis has determined that it would be cheaper to send waste to private companies to compost.
    12.4.HC setting its budget on Friday, looking at 1.9% increases on revenue and capital budgets. Public consultation has been completed however results not available yet. HC will be reducing spend on grass cutting and litter collection, increasing parking charges, and making a reduction in library services in Hereford and Leominster.
    12.5.Flooding issue at Shelwick, Amey should have carried out remedial work on area where heavy vehicles have caused drains to collapse, road has sunk and consequently floods. Another flooding issue at Patch Hill, gully machine to be brought in to rectify, SR has raised with BB.
    12.6. Flooding near entrance to Aylesbrook, water runs off fields onto Roman Road SR will liaise with City councillors.
  13. Planning.
    13.1. Applications update – SR meeting with Kelly Gibbons to update on applications, will be discussing Lyde Court as SR has had complaints and has recommended residents forward complaints to HC.
    13.2. SR confirmed that Church Way will be going to committee for determination.
    13.3. Lion Homes variation of 106 money; SR will raise with Kelly Gibbons.
    13.4. Salt bins SR and HP to get together to mark on map and re-commence process with BB.
  14. Burial Ground: update following meeting with HC’s cemetery superintendent
    Item to be carried over until the next meeting. HP given list of maintenance required for typing up and sending to Richard Mills for itemised quote.
  15. Notice boards: HP updated that HC had agreed to permit parish council to erect a notice board at play area on Wentworth Park. JP to contact Fran White of HC to discuss the method of erecting the board (whether or not to install concrete pad under board and a small path from the footpath to the board).
  16. Lengthsman scheme: update on work carried out and required: Munstone Road, make cuttings into the ditch so water can run off, blockage still at the end of Julie Debbage’s road.
  17. Commons update: clerk to instruct Hedley’s to proceed with registering pond.
  18. Police report: Neil James attended the meeting and updated that the police aim to attend two meetings per PC per year. West Mercia Police have merged with Warwickshire and saved £22 million, however another £20 million has to be saved. Newsletter will be changing to show only the ward, clerk to send email to Neil James to say we like the newsletter with details of incidents in the whole area not just the ward. Analysis of incidents in Holmer parish, 13 phone calls in 6 weeks, ranging from tree down, missing cat, dog barking, sudden death at care home, domestic assault over Christmas. Neil James raised the issue of difficultly getting onto the Roman Road at the Kempton Avenue junction, SR informed of the proposal to work with other ward councillors to consult the public with a view to extending the 30mph limit, as new traffic lights would be over £100,000 ALJ has confirmed this would not be viable, but SR will be working towards developing a solution.
  19. Newsletter: sent out, sufficient paper left for next edition SR asking for help in delivering. SR had positive feedback, particularly from residents at The Furlongs.
  20. Clerk’s update and correspondence: noted.
  21. Community Led Plan and Neighbourhood Planning update by SR: urgently need support to get questionnaires finalised, circulated and returned for completion of the plan. HC possibly has a further £600 that can be used towards the cost of analysing the data. Neil Duggan continuing as chair, arranging a meeting to progress.
  22. Items for next agenda
    Maintenance, charging structure and future of burial ground.
    Funding available from Crest £15,000 towards extending the Burial Ground.
    Plans for parish social event
  23. Date of next meeting: Monday 10th March 2014 meeting closed at 9.40pm