Minutes 12th May 2015 Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

meeting of the parish council On Tuesday 12th May 2015 At 7pm In the Holmer parish centre


In attendance: Mark Millmore chairman (MMIL), Marc Mohan (MMO) Dawn Arbuthnott (DA), Alan Peel (AP)
Present: Rebecca Gill (RG) Clerk, Sally Robertson, other members of the public

1. Election of Chairman and Vice-chairman: MMO proposes MMIL as Chairman and this was seconded by DA, DA proposed as Vice chair by MMIL and seconded by NJ.
2. To accept apologies of absence: Apologies received from Graham Preece footpaths officer
3. Declaration of interest

• disclosable pecuniary interest and non disclosable pecuniary interests:MMIL declares and interest in item 13 planning app 150898 land at west court Attwood lane.
• Councillors are reminded to update their register of interests for To declare any personal and prejudicial interests in any items on the agenda and there nature.(Councillors with prejudicial interests must leave the room for the relevant item)

4. Written request for dispensation: None received
5. Public Participation (10 mins): Member of the public would like to talk about item 13 planning app 150948. Member of the public would like to make the PC aware of the dangers of telephone masts and points out that the area already has BT fibre broadband and therefore there is no need for an extra mast. A one day survey was conducted by member of the public and everyone asked did not want to the mast. Member of the public points out that for it to come into committee then you will need more than 7 objections and perhaps 20 would be better the problem with a petition is that it will be taken as one objection rather than individual.
6. Agree minutes from the meeting 13th April 2015: Minutes accepted as a true and accurate representation of the meeting.
7. Reassign all working groups. MMO and NJ to be part of the commons working group, Burial ground Working Group DA and AP.
8. Finance

• Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish council
• HALC Membership £764.41
• Viking £188.40
• Viking £106.80
• Viking £53.39
• Check and sign annual finance sheet: Signed by Mark Millmore Chairman and Alan Peel.

9. Decide on new Parish Council insurance policy: All councillors agreed to the three year insurance policy. cheque raised and signed for £265 for first years premium.
10. Lengthsman scheme plan: Councillors approve the maintenance plan put together by RG.
11. Burial ground maintenance plan: DA We need to look at a rolling plan with the lengthsman to cut the grass from May–September. We also need to address the problem with the moles. Clerk to ask R Mills to look at trapping moles. Ask lengthsman to cut grass every 3 weeks, also to trim the hedge overgrowing the graves by hand. Clerk to contact grave digger for C. Saville grave and ask them to remove excess soil. Rabbits will be looked at after grass cutting program has started.
12. Risk assessment: Reviewed by the council and signed by the chairman MMIl. Some items will now be reviewed more frequently by the Parish council.
13. Planning

• 150898 land at West Court Attwood lane. MMIl leaves the room as he has declared a pecuniary interest and DA takes the chair. Councillors resolve to object on the basis that we do not have enough information to make an informed decision. All councillors in favour. MMIl returns to the room and re-takes the chair
• 150948 – Land at Rosebank,Munstone, Herefordshire, HR1 3AD: Councillors propose to object on the basis of public concern over the health issues and lack of need. See previous objection for added comments. All councillors in favour.

14. Items for next agenda: Co-option of Neil Duggan, Attwood lane junction, Co-option to remain on all future agendas. Litter pick, community speed watch, Standing orders, Three elms ward/kings acre ward 1000 houses, Neighbourhood plan, community asset, community litter pick, walking for health.
15. Meeting closed at 8.25pm
16. Date for next meeting 8th June 2015