Minutes 11th July 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on 11th July 2016 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre.

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE
10 Members of the public present
Becky is poorly so MMO doing the minutes.
Sally, Andrew Coultas, (Shelwick ), Angela, Kerry, Andrew Round also not present.

2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations
Neil Duggan the Rosie item 8.1

3. Request for dispensation

4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 13th June 201
No objections when they were sent out.

5. Report by Ward Councillor .. apologies as his wife is poorly.

6. Public participation (10 mins)
Member of the public (motp) asked about medieval site in land to east of coldwells road. Neil duggan said he was trying to find out some historical information.
Burial ground issues. G Preece
Pond registration. Update.on ownership by P.C
Motp Forgate house, can we write to the owner for the hedge to be cut.
Motp weeds on corner of attwood lane from Lioncourt dev. Are out of control. MM action point mmil
Motp raised Coldwells lane development concerns.
Motp Mr / Mrs Preece to be added to email list of concerns over Coldwells Road dev.
Motp asked about newsletter delivery, would it be possible to add comment on newsletter for people to print it off for elderly people MM action point mmil

Motp Munstone road issues, JUDY re write to council MM action point mmil
Motp Overgrown issues on left hand side of roman road…. Andrew round to deal with

11. Naming of Burial Ground MMIL
Motp gave documents to prove HOLMER BURIAL GROUND is the name of the site
Mmil discussed a budget for remidial work to bring the burial ground up to scratch. MMIL suggested a budget of £2000 pounds, ND and JD seconded. MMIL to get more than one quote with list then presented to PC for final approval.
Motp (mrs preece) mentioned the bear (stretcher )

19. Burial Ground,

7. Finance

MMIL suggested to buy a new laptop for clerk with a budget of 400 to 450 pounds, ND and JD seconded motion. MM action point mmil

• Clerks salary as agreed by the parish Council
• Holmer PCC room hire £110.00

8. Planning and Updates
• 161482 Land east of The Rosie Public house, Coldwells road, Munstone Hereford. Construction of a detached self-build dwelling with integral one bedroom dependent relative to annexe replace the existing static caravan and new childrens play area for the pub ND LEAVES THE ROOM
• MM proposes that we object as it is a community asset and as such any application on it should be dealt with as a destruction of the community asset and as such should be dealy with as an objection, JD and MMIL seconded.

9. Notice boards
ND to stiore the notice board until installation, first one by the triangle of balancing pond, clerk to write to crest on the furlongs and also place one near Orchard close.

10. Neighbourhood Development Plan
Mmil described to public what the NDP is.

12. Laptop replacement. MMIL propsed new lap top , ND 2nded.

13. Speed limit Shelwick and Munstone motp James Fishlock, to be asked to give more details of his recent proposal and p.c then to request implementation using section 106 monies.

14. Steepness of the footpath and no signs for child or rumble strips CLERK to write to Crest

15. Roman Rd white lines at Junction Attwood Lane/Old school lane
Mmil written to balfour beatty. Better to go through highways James said. MMIL to investigate chain

16. Traffic calming for Attwood Lane ongoing.

17. Lengthsman MMIL to write to lioncourt.on turfing the corner and andt the bank. Richard to do pond at same time as burial ground on a regular basis.

18. Police report
Lamping rabbits reported by motp.

20. Clerks update and correspondence

21. Items for next agenda
Speeding issues in Munstone and Shelwick
Decision on notice boards
Quotes on burial ground.
JN the pastures , translocating hedgerow. PC to raise issue on hedgerow relocation.
Notice board letter on saxon burial site.

22. Date of next meeting 12th September 2016