Minutes 10th October 2016

Councillors were summoned to a meeting on 10th October 2016 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre
Press and public are cordially invited to attend

In attendance: Mark Millmore (MMIL) chairman, Marc Mohan (MMO) Vice chairman, Jane Davies (JD), Kerry Sheldon (KS), Neil Jenkins (NJ), Neil Duggan (ND), Angela Tyler (AT)
Present: Rebecca Gill (RG) Clerk

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE: Ward Councillor Andrew Round, Andrew Coultas, Neil Jenkins, Kerry Sheldon.

2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: MMO declares an interest in item 8.1

3. Request for dispensation: None received.

4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 12th September2016: Minutes approved by the council and signed by the chairman.

5. Report by Ward Councillor: N/A

6. Public participation (10 mins) Member of the public asking if a footpath from Meadow park can be extended past the care home and will link with Wentworth Park. Item put on the next agenda. When will the Munstone lane footpath be re-opened.

7. Finance

  • Clerks salary as agreed by the parish Council
  • R.Mills Burial Ground work

8. Planning and Updates

  • 162912 Land to the East of the A49, Holmer, Hereford. Application for approval if reserved matters following outline approval: MMO leave the room after declaring an interest. Pc would like to know how pavements are marked and if it is a shared surface. PC requests low level lighting bollards on the development. PC questions why affordable homes are not mixed in with open market properties. PC asks if there would be an opportunity to provide parking and access from the development site to the bottom south edge of the burial ground. PC would like to see a topography for the site. PC questions the safety of the children`s play area and believed it would be better suited in the locations of plots 40, 30, 33, 32, 31. Consider moving plots 39,38,37,36 back into the site. PC would also like to see rd moved across original play area allowing properties on the fringe to be moved in and allow more of a buffer on the north boundary of the site. All councillors agree with these comments.
  • 162896 Bramble Field Barn, Patch Hill, Munstone, Hereford. Site for proposed single dwelling and garage outbuilding. PC raises concerns over highway access.
  • 162920 (All documents and plans see also 162921&162922) Outline application with all matters reserved. PC raises concerns over highways onto roman rd, infrastructure and services within the locality.
  • 162689 Land adjacent to Bramblefield Barn, Munstone, Hereford, HR1 3AH. Site for proposed single dwelling and garage outbuilding. Pc raises concerns over highways access.

9. Dog bins update: MMO will contact Max regarding dog bins.

10. Discuss moving meeting to Holmer Park Spa. MMO proposes and MMIl seconds this. This will commence from the January meeting.

11. 106 monies allocation and amount due to Parish. MMO will address this a write to HC

12. Traffic Calming and signs for Furlongs footpath: Write to crest and Bruce Evans regarding this issue. Clerk to write.

13. Set up working group for Speeding issues and restrictions: MMO and AT volunteers for this group. Others members still needed from other areas of the parish.

14. Hedge at Church Way: Ask enforcement team if they are happy with the work that has been carried out. MMIl to write. MMO will check conditions for power cable. PC believes the road widening should have taken place and could they inform us when it will happen.

15. Furlongs footpath to Attwood Lane. Write to Crest about opening this footpath. MMO will get the name.

16. Write to Lion Court about verges. MMIl to write along with the Crest letter.

17. Neighbourhood Development Plan. To arrange public meeting to discuss joining HAP: MMIl proposes a public meeting on the 23rd November@Holmer Park Spa. 7pm MMIl will make a leaflet and distribute.

18. Lengthsman: Hedge cutting in church way and Coldwells rd, cut round sign posts on both, bus stop tidy, clear round salt bins and fill. Signs in all of parish need clearing.

19. Police report: Emailed to councillors.

20. Burial Ground quotes: Quote from Mark Breedon accepted and clerk will send a work order.

21. Clerks update and correspondence

22. Items for next agenda: Footpath for Meadow park to link with Wentworth Park, Furlongs footpath on to Roman rd. Meadow Park No 30 parking on pavement. Lion court verges update. Set up working group. Church way hedge. Hap/NDP Newsletter. Land owned by Ian Griffiths of Coldwells road investigate historical details.

23. Date of next meeting 14th November 2016

24. Meeting closed at 20.35