Extraordinary Meeting December 11th 2014


Councillors are summoned to an extraordinary meeting on December 11th 2014 at 7pm in HOLMER CHURCH VESTRY ROOM


In attendance: Sally Robertson (SR) Rebecca Gill (RG) Four members of the public, Donna Taylor
Present: JohnPhipps (JP) Mark Millmore (MMILL) Julie Debbage (JD) Marc Mohan (MMO) Dawn Arbuthnott (DA)
1. Co-Option of Donna Taylor and Neil Jenkins:

Neil Jenkins unable to attend.
Mark Millmore (Chair) Proposes Donna Taylor to be co-opted onto the parish council seconded by Dawn Arbuthnott

3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensation :

MMO declared a pecuniary interest in item 5.3 , MMIL, DA both declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 5.3


Member of the public would like to talk about the Copelands application. Many meetings took place with HC included Conservation and Landscape Officer . There are six representations for Copelands planning application P143412 all in favour of the application. The applicant has also said he would legally rescind the extant planning permission that allowed the new access into the site from Coldwells Lane (SH950667PF). Simon Withers wrote to applicant saying sighting would be crucial to the application.

Also suggested current situation of the proposed application was supported by the Conservation officer. The site will not affect the view of the property and the dwelling will become an extension of the site. Member of the public wanted to discuss Coldwells House and asked that the PC support imposing conditions regarding light pollution and restricted deliveries if the application is approved. Also please ask for some concern to be made for overlooking and maybe plant some trees to protect the privacy of neighbouring properties.


P143282 Coldwells House Residential Home, Proposed extension and alterations to existing care home. Chair read out all objections and PC voted with unanimous vote to send those comments. Pc would like to add they would like to see consent to discharge from the new drainage system. Drainage that has been installed is a danger to Bank cottages.
• P143442 5 The Crescent, Hereford. Proposed two storey rear extension and single storey side and rear extension: No objections from Parish Council.
• P143412 Copelands, Church Way, Proposed 4 bedroom dwelling with detached garage: At this point Marc Mohan leaves the room as he has declared a pecuniary interest.
JP thinks the application affects the setting of a listed building and that the information brought to the PC attention by the applicants representative is not in the public domain. The conservation officer has not commented on the application up to this point. JP proposes we vote to object on the basis that it effects the site of a listed building. All other Councillors that are eligible to vote decide to abstain from the vote. JP takes the chair and therefore carries the vote through on that basis. Pc to object to Copelands application on the basis of setting of a listed building.


Projector trial , Burial ground, advertising on website and newsletter and precept

7. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 12th January
8. Meeting closed at 19.49