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New website for Holmer & Shelwick from left, Ward Councillor Sally Robertson with parish councillors Mark Millmore & Dawn Arbuthnott

Your friendly Parish council website has made the news at the Hereford Times with the headline
New website aims to boost communication with parishioners in Holmer
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We now have 48 parishioners subscribed to the News Updates – please encourage anyone you know to sign up and also give us your feedback so we can improve the website.

Hereford Fireworks Display

The 2014 Hereford Round Table Fireworks Display will take place on Saturday 1st November at Hereford Racecourse. *Click Here*

Free childcare

Free childcare for some two-year olds. Is your child eligible? *Click Here*

Access to pharmacies in Herefordshire – public survey

Herefordshire Council is conducting a public survey to understand people’s views on pharmacy services and assess whether the current services are meeting the needs of local people. *Click Here* if you would like to take part in the survey.

Hereford United Football Club and Herefordshire Council

HUFC currently owes the council in the region of £65,000 in rent arrears, business rates and legal fees. *Click Here*

Free no strings attached software

Really useful things that are available on the Web for FREE – #2 FastStone Image Viewer

In the last update we introduced you to GIMP for photo editing. To go with it we recommend FastStone Image Viewer for cataloguing all your photos. It is a fast and user-friendly image browser, converter and editor and although we use Photoshop for advanced image editing we prefer FastStone over Photoshop’s native ‘Bridge’ image browser which is slow and too complicated for everyday use. *Click Here*


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  1. Hi mark

    Can you please amend hereford fireworks display to Hereford Round Table firework display as it is their event and your title is a little mis leading.

    Hope that’s ok




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