Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Report – 20th February 2017


1) All the footpaths were walked on Tuesday 24th January 2017 (walked 13.5 miles but that did include PL1 by mistake)

2) On Monday 6th February I met Mr Maynard Smith (Manny), Hereford Rural Location Steward (who covers Holmer & Shelwick) at Balfour Beatty’s offices in Rotherwas. He signed me up, on behalf of Herefordshire Council, as Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer and gave me authorisation and guidelines about the role.

3) Manny was shown my preliminary list of public right of way (PROW) issues (18 items at that time) including:

a. The fingerpost on the ground in Holmer, at the corner by the pond (path HO3).
b. No fingerpost or waymarking at the Roman Road end of the path to Attwood Lane (path HO8)
c. No fingerpost or waymarking at the Attwood Lane end of the path through to the Furlongs (by the Care Home) (path HO8A) (Discovered the fingerpost on the ground on 19th February walk)
d. No waymarks at all on the path HO14 which runs down to The Burcott Farm from HO13 (and the paths across the fields have not been reinstated in this area.
e. Narrow path close to unprotected ditch in Shelwick (path HO10) where it comes to meet Shelwick Lane by Tumble Top
f. There is a Bridleway fingerpost at the A4103 end of HO18 but no waymarking at the broken first metal gate (at A4103 end of bridleway HO18) or at subsequent gates
g. Trees across HO18 path
h. HO6 path still shut off in the Furlongs
i. Stiles and waymarks in need of repair/replacement on HO17 by the River Lugg
j. Several other waymarking issues

4) Manny provided me with an initial stock of waymarks and “keep to the footpath” plates and clout nails. He also promised to send me maps of the footpaths marked up with the footpath numbers, which he has done.

5) Subsequently Manny has logged the pond fingerpost issue and it has a Balfour Beatty reference of 11040330 dated 3rd February 2017. He also advised that the broken gate on HO18 would need to be taken up with the landowner. That there was no money to do anything with the path HO10 by Tumble Top in Shelwick.


6) Manny explained that the Parish Council would have to pay for any materials that were required for stiles, gates, finger posts etc and gave me an indicative price list that I can pass on to the Parish Clerk if you do not have it already.

7) Manny appears happy for me to do repairs that are within my competence (subject to his approval) – even to erecting finger posts. However, I am not sure about the latter at roadsides because of not knowing where any services are buried below the ground.

8) Regarding the above if anyone has experience of erecting posts (Neill?) by roadsides then I would be happy to hear of it.

9) On Sunday 19th February I re-walked some of the paths (5.2 miles) and re-waymarked HO14 from HO13 down to Burcott Farm (all previous waymarks had been removed or broken)

10) Earlier today I went out in the Shelwick area with Arthur Lee, Chairman, Herefordshire Ramblers, to make use of his extensive knowledge on footpath issues and to look at the rather ropey stiles near the River Lugg. I am hoping that I may be able to interest the Ramblers work parties in helping to repair/replace the stiles. Is there any money available for purchase of materials from Balfour Beatty?

11) Did Holmer & Shelwick Parish join the P3 (Parish Paths Partnership) scheme? I see it was mentioned in previous Parish minutes. Or did the Parish only join it for the Lengthsman part of the scheme? If we are not in it I believe the Council has closed it to new applicants at present.

12) Does anyone have information about the landowners whose property is crossed by a Public Right of Way?

13) On 27th February I will be attending a strimmer training course at Dinedor Outdoor Centre which may be useful for the Parish

Duncan Smart
Holmer & Shelwick Parish Footpath Officer

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  1. Alice, it never ceases to amaze me how people can allow their pets to foul footpaths and not clear the mess up and dispose of it in an appropriate bin. I have been a dog owner in the past and used to watch him like a hawk. We recently looked after our daughter’s dog and while walking her I was disgusted by the way that people had piled up dog poop bags by a tree in the area below the Furlongs houses. Hopefully, a number of dog waste bins will be acquired shortly and sited in convenient locations. Whether that improves people’s dog walking habits or not remains to be seen. Duncan


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