Footpath Report October 2018

1) Monday 8th October attention was drawn to a potentially dangerous hole at the Attwood Lane end of footpath HO8. This had previously been protected by Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) barriers, but they had been removed.

This problem was raised with BBLP and a response was received from Manny Smith, our BBLP Locality Steward, with photographic evidence to show that the hole had been filled in on 17th September (see below right). The immediate danger was removed by our Chairman who filled the hole with gravel from his garden. Many thanks for that.

How the hole re-appeared is a mystery. Any information on this would be gratefully received as the hole was in a very dangerous unlit position.

Hole on path HO8 next to Attwood Lane on 10th October 2018
Hole as left by BBLP on 17th September – already filled!

2) Wednesday 10th October 4.5 miles walking/checking Holmer & Shelwick parish paths HO8, HO6, HO13, HO14, HO10 and HO8A. This included a very helpful visit to Burcott Farm to discuss options for stile replacement/repair with the farmer, Mr Hartland.

3) Wednesday 31st October 2.8 miles walking/checking Holmer & Shelwick parish paths HO1, HO8 and HO3. Path HO1, off the Roman Road by The Crescent is temporarily closed due to the Bloor Homes building works. There is supposed to be an alternative temporary path but that was not well marked or usable.

Mr Phil Roper, the Site Manager of the Hereford Point site advised that within a reasonably short space of time a path will be created across the building site. This will have barriers/rails and signage to guide walkers. It will be a flexible path that will be adjusted/moved to keep pedestrians safe through the site as houses are built.

Notice of Temporary Path Closure HO1

Duncan Smart (DGS),
Holmer & Shelwick Parish Footpath Officer

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