Footpath Report – November 2020

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 4th November 2020

5.8 miles walked on 7th and 20th October, checking and light trimming Holmer & Shelwick paths HO4, HO6, HO8A, HO9, HO10 and HO13 plus 1.7 miles checking path HO1 on 30th October

Footpath HO1

The following walk was carried out to inspect the current state of footpath HO1 as requested by Mr Manny Smith, Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty

Map showing the original route of Holmer & Shelwick footpath HO1 (in green) with an alternative temporary path (in red) through Holmer Point from the traffic lights and up Avocet Road.

(with acknowledgements to the Ordnance Survey for this extract from the local map)

From the Roman Road (A4103) at SO 502 421 to the footbridge across Ayles Brook at SO 502 422. As can be seen from the photographs parts of the path have become quite overgrown while closed off.

Roman Road entrance to footpath HO1
Holmer HO1 near Roman Road
Holmer HO1 near Ayles Brook bridge
Holmer HO1 at Ayles Brook bridge

From the current build boundary fence at SO 501 424 to work being carried out on the path from SO 502 423 down to the Ayles Brook bridge.

HO1 Hereford Point Current build boundary fence at SO 501 424

Holmer HO1 from Current build boundary fence at SO 501 424 looking south towards Ayles Brook
Holmer HO1 at SO 502 423 – path blocked by site activities
Holmer HO1 at Ayles Brook bridge – from Hereford Point side of brook

From Pipe & Lyde footpath PL9 Stile at SO 498 429 to the Holmer footpath HO1 stile at SO 500 425.

Pipe & Lyde PL9 stile at SO 498 429
Pipe & Lyde PL9 stile at SO 499 428
PL9 & HO1 pasture reinstated down to Hereford Point site
Holmer HO1 stile at SO 500 425
Holmer HO1 view towards current Hereford Point boundary fence from stile at SO 500 425

Two temporary stiles at SO 499 424 on alternative HO1 route through Hereford Point down Avocet Road to the Roman Road.

Holmer HO1 temporary stile 1 at SO 499 424 (wobbly cross step)
Holmer HO1 temporary stile 2 at SO 499 424 (Access from the end of Avocet Road)

In summary:

  1. the original HO1 path from the Roman Road is currently in a poor state of maintenance to the Ayles Brook bridge but that can be easily rectified if the bridge is opened. The bridge is currently blocked on both sides. The path down to the bridge through Hereford Point is close to completion but at the northern end stops at the grey fence that is the current boundary of the development. Extension of HO1 through to the stile at SO 500 425 would require access through the grey fence and agreement that a safe route could be allowed across the currently undeveloped land.
  2. The temporary path shown in red is walkable but varies slightly from the track issued by Balfour Beatty when HO1 was originally closed.

Footpath HO4 – from Coldwells Road up to the boundary with Pipe & Lyde Parish

HO4 from junction with Pipe & Lyde path PL9
HO4 looking south from middle stile

Footpath HO6 – from Attwood Lane to Munstone Road  through the Furlongs. Nothing specific to report apart from the missing dog poo bin.

Footpath HO8A – from Attwood Lane through to the Furlongs (which needs some strimming) and up to the Secret Garden pub.

HO8A at the bottom of the path from the pub, gate removed. Nettles chopped back

Footpath HO9 – from Munstone Road to Patch Hill lane only. Carried out some manual cutting back of nettles and brambles

HO9 between White House Farm and patch Hill lane. Nettles and brambles cut back

Footpath HO10 – from Ivydene through to Shelwick Lane

HO10 near Ivydene. Still clear from the previous visit
HO10 near Shelwick
HO10 metal stile cleared of nettles
HO10 alongside ditch down to Shelwick Lane. Path kindly strimmed by Parish Councillor. Overhanging vegetation lightly cut back
HO10 near Shelwick Lane – path breaking away at edge of ditch

Footpath HO13 – from Shelwick Lane through to Munstone Road

HO13 bridge at Shelwick Lane
HO13 stile in need of repair/replacement near Shelwick Lane
The above HO13 stile cross step support is rotten at the bottom
HO13-HO14 path junction – stile cleared of brambles
HO13 path in the process of being ploughed up
HO13 stile leaning badly and in danger of being swamped by overhanging bushes

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