Footpath Report May & June 2017

1) All footpaths were walked in May and early June with the exception of Bridleway HO18 (walked previously in April) and HO14 from stile at SO 521425 to railway bridge at Burcott Farm (path not re-instated – see picture)

2) HO1 walked from Roman Road to Parish boundary and light clearance work carried out

3) HO3 walked and A49 gateway cleared (see picture). Finger post still missing at pond end of path

4) HO4 walked from Coldwells Road to the Parish boundary – no particular problems were noted except that the field path south of the stile at SO 509432 had been reinstated on foot, not by farm equipment. The stile was cleared of undergrowth and new waymarks added.

5) HO6 exit from the Furlongs onto Munstone Road nearing completion (see picture). Safety rails and finger post still to be supplied and fixed

6) HO8 path through from Attwood Lane to Roman Road was almost blocked with cut down holly bush debris and nettles. Cleared a path through but the residents
responsible should clear their garden debris from the path. Finger post still required at Roman Road end of the path.


7) HO8A walked from Attwood Lane up to the Secret Garden (former Rosie pub). No problems except that finger posts are still required where the path meets roads (Attwood Lane and road into Meadows Edge development). Waymark fixed to gate at bottom of the enclosed path up to the Secret Garden (SO 512425)

8) HO9 Path Diversion Order 2016 commencing at SO 515 432 has been confirmed by Herefordshire Council but Mr Peter Newman, Open Spaces Society Trustee and Local Correspondent, has challenged Mr Will Steel of Balfour Beatty about this as there are important issues still outstanding from the Order. These include the lack of a finger post, the surface and position of the diverted path and a non-existent gate.

In addition waymarking round the diverted path is confusing and inaccurate

9) H09 – separately to the above comments the path has been walked and the stile at SO 516431 has been cleared of undergrowth and nettles and a new waymark attached to a side post

10) HO10 was walked from C1127 (Munstone Road) through to Shelwick Lane. The most overgrown sections were at either end – up to Patch Hill and leading down to Shelwick Lane, both of which have been cleared, as shown below

11) Waymarking and stiles on the HO10 section from SO 520433 to SO 523433 is in need of improvement, especially as some field divisions shown on the map no longer exist.

12) HO13 was walked from Munstone Lane through to Shelwick and stiles were cleared of undergrowth at SO 515425, SO 516425 and SO
517425. The bridge at SO 516425 needs to have a loose handrail fixed. The HO13 field path at SO 520426 had been reinstated by walkers and not by farm equipment.

13) HO14 was walked from Shelwick Lane to the stile at SO 521425, after which the path was not reinstated to Burcott Farm (as shown in Item 1)

14) Paths HO15, HO16 and HO17 were all walked from Shelwick Green down to the Lugg Bridge on the A4103 (Roman Road). The stile and access were cleared on HO16 Bridge-Stile at SO 531429

15) On HO17 the stiles at SO 533423, SO 533422 and SO 532421 were all cleared but south of SO 533422 the meadow was so long that it was not possible, sensibly, to cut a path through the grass and undergrowth by hand. The exit stile onto the A4103 (Roman Road) was also cleared.

Duncan Smart (DGS),
Holmer & Shelwick Parish Footpath Officer

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