Footpath Report March & up to 11th April 2018

1) Monday 26th March – walked 6.6 miles delivering NDP Open Day leaflets to Wentworth Park, Meadow Park and north and west sections of The Furlongs (including Meadows Edge)

2) Saturday 7th April – problem reported at NDP Open Day concerning footpath HO1 at the Ayles Brook bridge. Mounds of soil created by Bloor Homes ground works had apparently made the path very difficult and dangerous to use and I believe that one person had fallen into the Brook. I promised to check this out.

3) Saturday 7th April – other problems reported at the NDP Open Day concerned footpath H13 at the Shelwick Lane end of the path. These included:

a) The slippery pipe adjacent to the footbridge at Shelwick Lane
b) A number of stiles on HO13 on the path towards Holmer which require repair
I plan to check the above during the next month and report items requiring repair to Balfour Beatty

4) Sunday 8th April – walked to path HO1 to check out the problem at Ayles Brook. The line of the path was no longer obstructed by an earth mound which was now replaced by a very unpleasant pool of muddy water – equally difficult to cross. This has been reported on the Herefordshire website (ref CAS-677382-J7Y4).

Path HO1 just north of Ayles Brook showing flooded area
Path HO1 just north of Ayles Brook showing flooded area (close up)
5) Sunday 8th April – walked along path HO8 water leaking continuously on to the path again, making it difficult to use without walking boots or wellington boots.
Reported to Herefordshire website
(ref CAS-677386-H1L4P9

6) Sunday 8th April – noticed that a finger post has been fixed now at the junction of path HO8 with the Roman Road, using the same redundant telegraph post that was used for fixing a temporary waymark.

HO8 Finger post at Roman Road
HO8 water leaking onto path at SO 50909 42238

Duncan Smart (DGS),

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Footpath Officer



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  1. Footpath H08 off the Roam Road, is a mess, the water has been running for a few months now, making it impossible to use with ordinary footware, hope it can be sorted soon as I used to use this path very often.


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