Footpath Report – July 2020

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 30th July 2020

This report is based upon just 0.6 miles of walking and cutting back brambles nettles and hedges on Monday 13th July and Tuesday 28th July on Holmer & Shelwick Parish paths HO8A and HO10.

Footpath HO8A – from Attwood Lane through to The Furlongs. Cleared undergrowth and overgrowth using a battery hedge trimmer – much quicker than using secateurs and garden shears!

HO8A between Attwood Lane & The Furlongs

Footpath HO10 – between Patch Hill lane and Ivydene. Overgrown hedging, brambles and undergrowth cut back using hand tools. (This took 5 hours and drove me to buy the battery hedge trimmer used on HO8A above)

HO10 between Patch Hill Lane and Ivydene.

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