Footpath Report for Annual Parish Meeting 20th May 2019

The main items to report over the past 12 months have been:

  1. New stile on footpath HO17 by the River Lugg erected by a Ramblers Work Party*
  2. Leaning stile on footpath HO17 by the River Lugg re-positioned upright by a Ramblers Work Party*
  3. Footbridge improved by a Ramblers Work Party* on footpath HO13 from Shelwick Lane, with replacement boarding and removal of slippery pipe into the field
  4. Strengthening of a leaning stile on HO13 (near to the footbridge) by a Ramblers Work Party*
  5. New stile on HO13 close to Item 4) erected by a Ramblers Work Party*
  6. Improved cross steps fitted by landowner on the next two HO13 stiles
  7. Improved cross step fitted by landowner on stile at junction of footpaths HO13 and HO14
  8. Improved cross step and reduction in height of HO14 stile near to Burcott Farm. This work was carried out by the landowner
  9. New cross steps fitted by the landowner on an HO10 metal gate stile in Shelwick
  10. New finger post erected by Balfour Beatty at the Munstone Road end of footpath HO6
  11. HO1 footpath has been temporarily closed from Ayles Brook across the Hereford Point building site. However, a temporary path has been created now along the Roman Road and using Hereford Point roads from the Roman Road traffic lights to two temporary stiles at the northern end of the Hereford Point site. The path is identified by temporary waymarks – see below:


12 A footpath closure notice has been issued for footpath HO3 from the A49 metal kissing gate to the wooden gate near the Coldwells Road duck pond.

As yet the actual HO3 path has not been closed off but a copy of the above notice and map has been attached to a lamp post on the A49 between the HO3 gate and Church Way.
13 The emphasis going forward from now must be on path clearance. The improving weather is making the vegetation grow rapidly and the Bridleway HO18 will need urgent attention with the strimmer before it becomes fully overgrown again. From a maintenance point of view the HO13 stile at SO 5178 4255 is falling over and requires repair or replacement.

Duncan Smart*
Holmer & Shelwick Parish Footpath Officer
13th May 2019

* Participated in all Ramblers Work Parties in the Parish

2 thoughts on “Footpath Report for Annual Parish Meeting 20th May 2019”

  1. Could we get a speed restriction sign on the road between bottom of Aylestone Hill roundabout & Shelwick crossroads. We’ve seen more accidents lately, a car with 4 boys in overturned & ended up in neighbours hedge, narrowly missing their house only just last month. The cars that go speeding past our houses here is frightening. Please, please can we get some ‘slow down’ signs or speed cameras showing speed doing ☹️, before there’s another accident.

    • Thank you for your comments and for raising your concerns with the Parish Council.

      This will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting, currently scheduled for 7:00PM on Monday 8th July 2019.


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