Footpath Report – February 2021

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 3rd February 2021

Saturday 9th January walked just 2 miles on paths HO6, HO8A, HO10 (near Ivydene) HO13 (part) and HO14 (part)

Monday 25th January 4.2 miles walked on paths HO6, HO8A, HO13, HO14, HO16 and HO17

Wednesday 3rd February 5.9 miles walked on paths HO4, HO9, HO10 (part), HO13 (part), HO14, HO17 & HO18 (near Roman Road) – a beautiful sunny morning

Footpath HO4

HO4 is a path of two parts – easy walking on established grass pasture for the lower half and more muddy walking on the new growth at the top part.

Footpath HO4 above Highfield House
Footpath HO4 towards the junction with Pipe & Lyde parish
HO6 exit from the Furlongs on to Munstone Road shows how the safety fencing has been bypassed. Note the hoof marks in the mud!

Footpath HO8

HO8 flooded again with running water from near Attwood Lane

Footpath HO8A

HO8A more evidence of horses using footpaths (between Attwood Lane and The Furlongs)
HO8A at the bottom of the path up to the Secret Garden pub

Footpath HO9

Currently a good path from White House Farm to the junction with Patch Hill lane

HO9 stile near White House Farm

Footpath HO10

HO10 rather wet and muddy between Ivydene and Patch Hill

Footpath HO13

Muddy start to path HO13 from Munstone Road
HO13 broken plank on ditch crossing at SO 515425

Broken plank reported on Herefordshire Council website on 25th January reference CAS-790037-S1Q5N9.

HO13 stile near Munstone Lane cleared of overhanging vegetation. Some clearance work had been done already by others – thank you for that
HO13 stile at junction with HO14 – definitely one for the welly boots!

Footpath HO14

HO14 steps and stile at Shelwick Lane. Finger Post upright needs fixing
Steps down from path HO14 to Shelwick Lane near Patch Hill. Thank you whoever put these in – it makes the descent to the Lane much safer!
HO14 heading towards Burcott Farm
HO14 approaching the railway bridge at Burcott Farm

Footpaths HO16 & HO17

On 25th January went to check the state of the footpaths from Shelwick Green near the River Lugg but was stopped by floods near the junction of HO16 with HO17.

HO17 path blocked by flood water near junction with path HO16
HO17 as seen from the Roman Road end near the Lugg Bridge on 3rd February
HO17 and the River Lugg – a stile too far!

Bridleway HO18

Fly tipping on Bridleway HO18 near Lugg Bridge – still there on 3rd February

Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty reference numbers for the fly tipping are:
Herefordshire Council Ref: CAS-784661-S2F6F2
Balfour Beatty Ref: Enquiry: 11095226
Job: 41269225

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