Footpath Report – December 2020

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 9th November 2020

7.5 miles walked on 5th November, checking and light trimming Holmer & Shelwick paths HO6, HO8A, HO13, HO16, HO17 and Bridleway HO18.

Footpath HO13

Which goes from Munstone Road right across to Shelwick Lane near the railway bridge parts of it get ploughed and planted each year, but the remainder is pasture.

Not the best time of year for walking parts of path HO13

Footpath HO16

From Shelwick Green across the railway to join Footpath HO17 which crosses to the River Lugg

HO16 from the railway line

Footpath HO17

HO17 Stile by the River Lugg

Bridleway HO18

Goes from east of the Lugg Bridge north towards Sutton St Nicholas

Entrance to HO18 at the Roman Road near Lugg Bridge
Fly tipping near the Roman Road (reported to the Herefordshire Council)
Sign just 10 feet from the fly tipping!
A potential hazard of checking the paths!
HO18 north of the railway

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