Footpath Report – December 2020/January 2021

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 6th January 2021

HO4 from Coldwells Lane to the border with Pipe & Lyde Parish and HO8 from the Roman Road to Attwood Lane walked on 22nd December 2020 (as part of a longer walk)

Footpath HO4

HO4 easy walking from Highfield House to last field
HO4 last field up to border with Pipe & Lyde much muddier now

Footpath HO8

HO8 near Roman Road flooded again
HO8 source of flooding near Attwood Lane, as previously

Bridleway HO18

Fly tipping still visible on 27th December near the Roman Road. It can now be identified more clearly as a lawn mower with grass box and a black rubbish bag

This was confirmed as a defect on 17th December 2020 by Balfour Beattie with the following references:

Herefordshire Council Ref: CAS-784661-S2F6F2
Balfour Beatty Ref: Enquiry: 11095226
Job: 41269225
Subject: Fly Tipping Collection (5 Days)

Sign just 10 feet from the fly tipping!

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