Footpath Report – 4th May 2021 (Annual Parish Meeting)

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 26th April 2021

In the 11th April 2021 Footpath Report it was noted that an increasing number of the Parish footpath furniture requires repair and/or replacement including the four items listed below.

1) Replacement of the ditch crossing planks on path HO13 (near Munstone Road)

Ditch crossing on Path HO13 near Munstone Rd

2) Replacement of the leaning stile on path HO13 (close to the ditch crossing) with a new stile

HO13 stile at SO 517425 (near ditch crossing)

3) Improvement to the cross steps on the stile at the junction of paths HO13 and HO14, possibly by fitting an additional lower step on the east side of the stile

Stile at the junction of HO13 and HO14 at SO 520 426

4) Improvement or replacement of the HO14 stile, handrail and finger post at the steps down to Shelwick Lane (near the Patch Hill junction)

HO14 Stile, steps and finger post at SO 519428

The location of the above items is shown on the map below. The good news, hopefully, is that at least some of these items will have been repaired/replaced by the time of the Annual Parish Meeting. A Ramblers’ Work Party is scheduled to carry out some of the above improvements in Holmer & Shelwick on Friday 30th April.

Map showing the location of the above items

A quick check on these and other locations was made on Sunday 25th April with trimming work performed using the new parish battery powered hedge cutter.

Stihl battery powered hedge cutter

The following paths were checked and vegetation trimmed, as required, using the new hedge cutter with little change to the battery charge level.  It will be a highly effective tool for reducing path clearing times once the growing season gets into full swing.

A) HO8 Attwood Lane to Roman Road

HO8 near Roman Road
HO8 near Attwood Lane

B) HO9 North of Patch Hill Lane (towards White House Farm)

HO9 stile North of Patch Hill Lane

C) HO9 South of Patch Hill Lane was not entered, at the request of the landowners during Covid-19

HO9 stile South of Patch Hill Lane

D) H10 (Part) Between Patch Hill Lane and Ivydene, primarily overhead clearance near the stile

HO10 Between Patch Hill lane and Ivydene

E) HO10 (Part) Alongside the ditch at the Shelwick Lane end of the path
Light trimming of overhanging ditch edge shrubbery (no photograph)

F) HO13 (Part) Stile near Shelwick Lane – no work done but the stile and gateway are in dire need of repair/maintenance/replacement.

HO13 Stile near Shelwick Lane with broken gate post

This stile will need to be a joint operation with the landowner as, without the gatepost, the field cannot be secured for grazing purposes.

It would be appreciated if anyone coming across other problems with the Holmer & Shelwick public footpaths (as identified by finger posts and yellow waymarks) will report them through the website or to the Parish Clerk. This includes stiles, bridges/ditch crossings, overhanging vegetation etc. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about muddy patches after heavy rain or floods.

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