Footpath Report – September 2020

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 9th September 2020

This report followed up a comment that put on the website about footpath HO8 was overgrown. I went to clear the path but did not finish it because my hedge trimmer jammed and I had insufficient time to complete the job by hand. The section cleared was the half nearest to Attwood Lane. I had seen dog poo bags down this path before but this time I collected 10 bags – one of which jammed my hedge trimmer. This is totally unacceptable and must be stopped. Please, if you see anyone leaving poo bags other than in one of the proper red dog bins report it to the Parish Clerk so that words can be had with the offending owner. This time I took the bags to the nearest poo bin – on the Furlongs but I do not see it as my task to clear up dog muck!

Footpath HO8 – from Attwood Lane through to the Roman Road. Cleared undergrowth and overgrowth using a battery hedge trimmer – until it jammed!

HO8 hanging brambles obstructing path
HO8 Hanging brambles cleared
HO8 Redundant leaning barbed wire topped fence and garden rubbish dumped on path
HO8 garden rubbish dumped on path
HO8 – Just one of the many dog poo bags dumped on the path
HO8 Hedge Trimmer jammed by a dog poo bag!
HO8 Dog poo bags taken to a red dog bin

This day really upset me – that some parishioners will regularly dump garden waste and dog waste where others have to walk just leaves me in despair for the human race.  Who do they think will clear up their mess? Please don’t rely on me doing it.

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