Footpath Report – 9th October 2021

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 9th October 2021

Firstly, my thanks to our Shelwick Parish Councillor who has made good use of the parish hedge cutter to tidy up paths in the Shelwick area – very much appreciated.

Second, thanks are also due to the team that has already made a big impact on clearing weeds and vegetation in and round the Coldwells pond close to the start of path HO3.

Holmer Coldwells pond
Holmer Coldwells pond
Holmer Coldwells pond tree clearance

Last month there was concern a temporary stile that had been created at the end of Avocet Road on Hereford Point. Bloor Homes have corrected that and the new stile has a proper cross-step at a height that is easy and safe to use. Thank you, Bloor Homes, for reacting so quickly to our comments.

Improved stile at the top of Avocet Road

At the last meeting the Ward Councillor raised concerns from a parishioner about the state of Parish Footpath HO8 between Roman Road and Attwood Lane (nettles, brambles etc). I strimmed the path on Monday 13th September and, hopefully, that has resolved the issue. It also unearthed a quantity of dog poo bags in the 30 yards nearest to Attwood Lane.

Footpath HO8 near Attwood Lane
Footpath HO8 middle section
Footpath HO8 Roman Road end

I refuse to move poo bags now and hope the sight of them will shame the offending owner(s) to clear up the mess! The pictures show just a few of those left along the path.

On 30th September I walked 3.5 miles of parts of footpaths HO4, HO8A, HO9 and HO10 HO13, HO14 tidying up stiles and a ditch crossing.

HO13 stile – vegetation trimmed
HO13 ditch crossing vegetation cleared

A further 0.3 miles was walked, revisiting path HO9 at the back of White House Farm, on 3rd October to strim back brambles and nettles.

On Tuesday 5th October 6.8 miles was walked on paths HO8A, HO6, HO13, HO15, HO16, HO17 and Bridleway HO18.  The main purpose was to check the extent of work still required on the remainder of the Bridleway. It was planned to complete this work on Saturday 9th October.

HO6 exit onto Munstone Road, still bypassing the gate

Since the recent rainfalls pools have formed again in gateways and by some stiles. Waterproof boots come in handy now!

HO13 water pool in gateway
HO13 broken stile at SO 5125 4270

This stile was reported on the Herefordshire Council website and has been allocated Balfour Beatty Ref:11111239

HO13 another water hazard by a stile
HO13 water on track near Shelwick Lane
HO16 water pools by gateway, near the railway crossing


Bridleway HO18 waymark post buried in the bracken

Saturday 9th October 2.3 miles walked to strim the remainder of Bridleway HO18. I walked straight to the above way marker post, strimmed round it, replaced faded way marks and then headed back towards the Lugg Bridge strimming as required.

Area around waymark post cleared of bracken and waymarks replaced
Another stretch of cleared Bridleway
Another stretch of cleared Bridleway
HO18 Bridleway – back to where the previous strimming finished

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