Footpath Report – 9th January 2022

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 9th January 2022

Sunday 9th January – Re-visited the Bridleway HO18 to see what could be done to clear fallen trees and branches reported in December.

1) Bridleway HO18 at SO 532 418, close to the Roman Road

The following shows how these trees looked in December

This was reported to Herefordshire Council and has a case reference number of: CAS-824952-H6D6W0

As of 9th January nothing had been done by the Herefordshire Council so an attempt was made to clear the debris. The tree in the first picture was cut back completely and the debris put at the side of the bridleway. The second tree was much more difficult to deal with but a trunk, two large branches and much of the vegetation was cut back to make a way through. However, the bottom trunk could not be cut with a bow saw and a chain saw may be required.

Timber cut and removed from across the path
Vegetation cut back to ease access to the Bridleway for pedestrians
The remaining trunk can be stepped over at present

A chainsaw would ease clearing the remaining timber but I have not had safety training in the use of, or access to one.

2) The other locations identified last month, spread along the Bridleway up to the railway line, were either cleared or access cleared through the debris

Obstruction completely removed
Obstruction cleared to one side
Obstruction completely removed
Path cleared through at the left side
This tree trunk not tackled yet – needs a chain saw!

The Parish Honda strimmer has been collected from Ron Smith, Hereford after servicing and starts first time and is ready to tackle the paths again in 2022.

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