Footpath Report – 6th July 2021

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 6th July 2021

Wednesday 16th June 2.8 miles walked on Holmer & Shelwick paths HO4, HO9 & HO10. Then cleared/strimmed path HO9 with the strimmer and hedge cutter up to Munstone Road on a hot day!

HO9 near Munstone Road before trimming
HO9 near White House Farm after trimming

Monday 28th June returned to Holmer H10 near Ivydene to clear this path (ran out of time and energy on 16th June).

HO10 near Ivydene on 28/06/21- before clearance
HO10 near Ivydene on 28/06/21 – after clearance

At the last Parish Council meeting it was reported that Herefordshire Council intended to remove the Temporary Closure notices on Footpaths HO3 (from the Coldwells Road pond to the A49) and part of HO1 (from the Roman Road across the Ayles Brook into the Hereford Point development). I have been in touch with the relevant Balfour Beatty personnel but need confirmation that the Ayles Brook bridge is safe, that barriers will be removed and that I may clear the growth. I went to check HO1 and HO3 on 6th July and, as expected, both are very overgrown in places. At present the Temporary Closure notices are still in place.

HO1 between Roman Road and Ayles Brook
HO1 and the Ayles Brook bridge into Hereford Point
HO3 overgrown near the Coldwells pond gate
HO3 overgrown at the A49 gate

I was advised by a neighbour that HO8A between the Holmer Court Care Home and The Furlongs had been strimmed.  I checked and it had – does anyone know by whom? If Balfour Beatty or some other body is planning to strim/clear paths it would be very helpful to know that to prevent duplication of effort.

It would be appreciated if anyone coming across other problems with the Holmer & Shelwick public footpaths (as identified by finger posts and yellow waymarks) will report them through the website or to the Parish Clerk. This includes stiles, bridges/ditch crossings, overhanging vegetation etc. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about muddy patches after heavy rain or floods.

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