Footpath Report – 26th September 2017

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust is organising a 12.5 mile “Walk for Wildlife” from Lugg Meadow to Queenswood Country Park on Saturday 30 September. Part of the walk will be along the Holmer & Shelwick Bridleway HO18, continuing on to ST15 to Sutton Rhea.

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1) HO18 Bridleway walked/cleared on 20th September from Roman Road to Parish Boundary and then on ST15 to Sutton Rhea at request of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust in preparation for its “Walk for Wildlife on Saturday 30th September

2) HO8 Path between Roman Road and Attwood Lane – now almost dry so strimmed it right through on 26th September.

I wish someone would explain to me why some dog walkers leave their black bags hidden in the weeds/grass to be tossed up by the strimmer!

Yuk!!! Please take them home.

3) HO8A Strimmed at Atwood Lane end on 26th September
4) HO10 Strimmed/cleared again at Shelwick Lane end on 26th September

Duncan Smart (DGS),

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Footpath Officer

1 thought on “Footpath Report – 26th September 2017”

  1. Dog poo bags appear to be used only to pick up and then dump somewhere. When I had a dog I took them home with me and dumped them in MY bin. There are no such thing as dog poo bushes or dog poo fairies. The owners of dogs who do not pick up the dog poo or dump it should be ashamed of themselves.


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