Footpath Report – 11th April 2021

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 11th April 2021

Ramblers’ Work parties will be re-starting from this month and from recent discussions/communications with the Work Party Coordinator it looks hopeful that four Holmer & Shelwick tasks will be put on the job list:

1) Replacement of the ditch crossing planks on path HO13 (near Munstone Lane)

Ditch crossing on Path HO13 near Munstone Rd

2) Replacement of the leaning stile on path HO13 (close to the ditch crossing) with a new stile

HO13 stile at SO 517425 (near ditch crossing)

3) Improvement to the cross steps on the stile at the junction of paths HO13 and HO14

Stile at the junction of HO13 and HO14 at (SO 520 426)

4) Improvements to the stability of the HO14 stile, handrail and finger post at the steps down to Shelwick Lane (near the Patch Hill junction)

HO14 Stile, steps and finger post at SO 519428

The location of the above items is shown on the map below. We have already established ownership of the land relating to item 3, but it would be helpful if parishioners could advise me which landowner(s) is/are responsible for the fields in which the other items are located so that we can obtain the necessary agreement to carry out this work. Please contact the Clerk with any information.

Map showing the location of the above items

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