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Dog Fouling

Dean from the Furlongs 09-12-2014
Could something please be done about the dog fouling around The Furlongs estate?
The field at the rear and also the footpaths across the estate.

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Street Lighting

Debbie Peel 03-01-2015
Hi. I live in orchard close and I am very concerned that there are no street lights. The road is also very uneven and I have actually fallen. Is there any reason why?

About Attwood Lane – Church Way Rat Run

November 7th 2014
Our Ward Councillor Sally Robertson has been working on our behalf regarding the Attwood Lane Church Way rat run and has given us an update on progress.
“In response to concerns from residents regarding rat running, we held a public meeting to discuss the best way forward. With monies from the new developments, Balfour Beatty has been tasked to put together proposals for calming the traffic and making it a less attractive alternative. I met recently with an officer from the council and Balfour Beatty’s representative in Attwood Lane to take things forward and the parish council and I have promised that once we have the proposals to hand we will hold another public meeting to which residents will be invited.

I hope this gives you comfort in knowing that something is being done albeit too slow for my liking. I have sent another email today asking for an up-date.”

Cllr Sally Robertson

Burghill, Holmer & Lyde Ward