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Dog Fouling

Dean from the Furlongs 09-12-2014
Could something please be done about the dog fouling around The Furlongs estate?
The field at the rear and also the footpaths across the estate.

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Street Lighting

Debbie Peel 03-01-2015
Hi. I live in orchard close and I am very concerned that there are no street lights. The road is also very uneven and I have actually fallen. Is there any reason why?

About Attwood Lane – Church Way Rat Run

November 7th 2014
Our Ward Councillor Sally Robertson has been working on our behalf regarding the Attwood Lane Church Way rat run and has given us an update on progress.
“In response to concerns from residents regarding rat running, we held a public meeting to discuss the best way forward. With monies from the new developments, Balfour Beatty has been tasked to put together proposals for calming the traffic and making it a less attractive alternative. I met recently with an officer from the council and Balfour Beatty’s representative in Attwood Lane to take things forward and the parish council and I have promised that once we have the proposals to hand we will hold another public meeting to which residents will be invited.

I hope this gives you comfort in knowing that something is being done albeit too slow for my liking. I have sent another email today asking for an up-date.”

Cllr Sally Robertson

Burghill, Holmer & Lyde Ward

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23 thoughts on “Your Comments

  1. Why is dog fouling at the furlongs being tackled first? It has long been a problem in this parish. You just have to walk down Coldwells Road to see the number of black bags
    hanging on branches and irresponsible dog owners not picking up. I feel that it is biased as most people including those that live at the furlongs cut through past the Rosie and walk their dogs along Coldwells road.

    • Thank you for your comment. There are two reasons why we’re placing the bins at the Furlongs first.
      1. The problem was first brought to our attention by a resident of the Furlongs.
      2. We do have a bin for the Coldwells Road Atwood Lane area but have not decided where to site it because it has to be accessible to dog walkers but not close to a resident’s house.
      We would welcome any suggestions you might have which would help us to make a good decision.

  2. After collating the results from the parish plan survey, the residents indicated that they would like the dog fouling bins located at the following locations:

    Roman road (40%)
    Attwood Lane/ Church Way (28.%)
    Coldwells Road (10.5%)
    Munstone Road (10.5%)
    The Furlongs (10.5%)

    A total of 215 residents indicated that there is an additional need for these bin within the parish. The Parish Council adopted the Parish Action Plan on 8th Febuary.

  3. I often use the local buses and am surprised there is no proper pavement from the bus stop opposite Pegasus Football ground up to the meet the Roman Road cycle/pedestrian path. I struggle along the narrow muddy overgrown pathway that exists but I have seen mothers with pushchairs having to cross the busy and sometimes congested Old School Lane in order to reach a safe pavement. Surely with all the new people coming to live on the Furlongs and nearby, provision should have been made for this short stretch of pavement to join up with the new cycleway/pavement. I would like to propose that it be considered as part of the current fencing project around the sub-station.

  4. The Rose Gardens.
    In the spring edition of Hopvine (Campaign for Real Ale) reference is made to to the Parish Council making an Asset of Community Value application to Herefordshire Council with regard to the closed Rose Gardens. I believe the Parish Council are no longer pursuing this. Could you confirm this and if indeed this is correct the reasons behind the decision.

  5. Could we please have the public right of way between Attwood Lane and Roman Road cleared . It is becoming very overgrown. Thank you

  6. Hi,

    Please could the verge bordering Meadow Park on Attwood Lane be added to the Lengthsman’s list. The weeds are out of control now and need to be cut down ASAP.

  7. Good morning, I have lived on the Roman rd opposite the race course for a year now. On any day of the week between 0700 and 1900 including weekends the traffic is high. I have noticed that it is very difficult to cross the road to walk the dogs and kids. Also it is daily dangerous walking the kids to school. Cars do not abide by the speed limit until they hit the traffic. Is there any possibility of placing a speed calming measure as they should be slowing down as its a built up area coming up to a roundabout. Ideas would be speed bumps or addition zebra crossing or even traffic lights by the entrance. I know the development has been given the go ahead and maybe they will also come up with something, but they don’t seem to be that switched on nor does Hereford council.

  8. Please do something to improve the safety of pedestrians on Attwood Lane between Holmer Court Care Home and the footpath leading to Turnberry Drive.

    Yesterday morning, in daylight, I was nearly struck by a Parcelforce van traveling too fast and was only saved by a car coming the other way which stopped and forced the van to also stop and allow me to cross to the footpath.

    Last winter on this section, in the dark, I had a bad fall due to side stepping to avoid a car and slipping into a ditch at the edge of the road created by passing vehicles driving off the edge of the road. I fell into the path of the car which fortunately did an emergency stop, but I finished up in A&E after banging my head on the road.

    So please, please use whatever pressure you can to improve the safety of this section of road?

  9. Any update on placing the dog poo bins in the Parish please? It appears the decision was made back in Feb of where to site them, and we are quickly approaching Nov, only taken 9 months and counting…

  10. Where does one find the button to apply for the Parish council as a councillor. The requirements are there but not the application.

    • We will be advertising to fill one vacancy after the January meeting – it will be posted on the notice boards and in the newsletter.

  11. I understand that people in this parish have had leaflets posted informing them of a nearby brothel in operation. Is the Parish aware of this and what will they be doing about it.
    In Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland), prostitution itself (the exchange of sexual services for money) is legal,[2] but a number of related activities, including soliciting in a public place, kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel, pimping and pandering, are crimes. In Northern Ireland, which previously had similar laws, paying for sex became illegal on 1 June 2015.[3]

  12. Could the Parishioners who live near the salt boxes please salt the lanes and junctions when necessary. The salt bins are for use by the parish residents because the local authority do not salt our lanes. The salt bins have been placed in vulnerable areas for this reason.

  13. Any update on Dog Bins please? I Have checked the last minutes dated the 7th Jan and there was no mention at all, nor was it included for points to be discussed on the 23rd Jan. The problem of dog fouling is getting worse behind the Furlongs and by the new development of Meadows Edge. Dog owners are now even going to the effort of bagging their dog foul up, but then abandoning the plastic bags on the side of footpaths! Please could the parish council do something about this ASAP. It is of my understanding from previous minutes that the council have the bins. They just haven’t been installed nor arranged a contract for them to be emptied. This has gone on long enough.

    • This is something the old PC clerk was working but she has now left us and it will be picked up by the new clerk when he is in place.

  14. I believe a position for a Parish Councillor was to be advertised in January 2017. Have not seen anything on the notice boards or on this website. Will this be advertised?
    Or has the position been filled before advertising it.

    • We’ve been concentrating on finding a new clerk, which we now have and the advert for the casual vacancy will be posted when the new clerk is in place.

  15. Praise. February 2017. Well done to the Lengthsmen for cutting back vegetation around road signs and clearing out roadside drains and adjacent ditches. Big improvement.

  16. Are you able to shed any light as to what is taking place at The Rose Gardens Public House and latterly known as The Rosie. I note a sign has been erected naming the premises as The Secret Garden and describing it as a Wedding and Private Functions venue. Are our hopes that it would open as a Public House for the benefit of local people going to be dashed. Please respond.

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