Cold Callers – Nottingham Knockers

Police CSO Jenkins was in attendance at our Parish Council meeting on 14th January. She informed us about a spate of burglaries on the Roman Road involving ‘cold callers’ and investigations were ongoing.

The sales group, known as ‘Nottingham Knockers’ carry large holdalls containing cleaning items, which they offer for sale. Some residents are reporting that if they decline to purchase any goods, the individuals use pressurised selling techniques causing the home owner to feel intimidated.

The sellers may say that they are on a “rehabilitation course” arranged by probation services or other organisations trying to find people work. This is not the case and often they are known criminals. Probation services do not run such schemes. It is a scam to gain information about you and your property for a future burglary.

West Mercia Police are advising that if any sales person comes to your door selling any products, do not be persuaded to part with money for products you don’t need or are of poor quality.

Residents are also advised to use precautionary measures such as a door chain and to ignore callers if they are unsure who it may be.

Anyone selling products on a door-to-door basis are required to be in possession of a valid pedlar’s certificate; a card with the person’s name and photograph is NOT sufficient.

The elderly are often targeted for these scams.

If in doubt, do not answer the door and report sightings to the non-emergency police line on 101.

West Mercia Police

Police Community Support Officer 40023 Kirsty Jenkins
Mobile 07773 052564

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