Attwood Lane Road Works

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AtwoodLaneroadWorksAttwood Lane Road Works – north of the Roman Road

Many thanks to the nineteen parishioners who came to the meeting on 13th April and gave  us some valuable insights and comments concerning the changes to the Attwood lane and Roman Rd junction.

Balfour Beatty began the road works without consultation and have apologised for the oversight. However, the work has been undertaken without regard to the Attwood lane rat run issues and many local people are unhappy with the implementation of the scheme.

It has also been noted that Balfour Beatty, who have offered local people a public meeting on a solution to the Attwood lane rat run, have failed to communicate internally because the department implementing the works said they were unaware of the Attwood lane rat run problem.

Balfour Beatty’s comments – Parish Council’s response – Minutes 30th March.

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3 thoughts on “Attwood Lane Road Works”

  1. If this is classed as an improvement I fail to see it at all. The previous width of the exit from Attwood Lane at least gave you the option to have two cars, one left and one right; whereas now it just creates more congestion backing up the Lane.

  2. Not only is it disappointing that no thought has gone into an overall scheme for the whole of Attwood Lane but the views of local residents and motorists seem to be have completely ignored. This scheme appears to be undertaken because funds have to be spent and not, as we are led to believe, that it is for pedestrian safety. Having lived in Wentworth Park for 19 years I have never witnessed or heard of one incident involving a pedestrian at this junction.
    Surely having spent money to put lights at the entrance to The Furlongs, and further expense and disruption constructing a cycle and footpath on the southern side of Roman Road, pedestrians should be encouraged to use these facilities?
    The proposed narrowing of this junction will inevitably lead to more accidents as motorists try to ‘nip out’ so as not to hold up motorists behind them.

  3. I wish for the road to be put back to how it was before, as I consider the narrowing of the road and the angle as to the curb is dangerous to motorists.


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