Annual Footpath Report – February 2022

Issued by Duncan Smart, Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer, 5th January 2022

Tuesday 18th January – walked 10.4 miles covering all the useable (i.e. not blocked by building works) footpaths of Holmer & Shelwick Parish for the annual survey as Footpath Officer, replacing some broken or missing waymarks and carrying out light maintenance work.

1) Path HO1 from the Roman Road to Ayles Brook and then north of The Point Development.

The path from the Roman Road through to Ayles Brook is still subject to a Temporary Closure Notice (renewed on 1st February 2022) but, subject to work being done on the Ayles Brook bridge it is clear and ready to use.

The bridge remains blocked by Heras fencing and needs some repair work before it can be used safely

Access to the footpath HO1 north of The Point remains on a route up Avocet Road and across two temporary stiles shown below

The path then continues northwards across a field to join up with the Pipe & Lyde footpath network

2) Path HO3 from the A49 to the Coldwells Road

This path had a Temporary Closure Notice applied to it pending building work. However, the work has been deferred and the notice has, for the present, been removed and the path is open and available to use.

HO3 access gate at the A49
HO3 path across field
HO3 exit gate near Coldwells Pond

3) Path HO4 from Coldwells Road north to the boundary with Pipe & Lyde Parish

HO14 access at Highfield House, Coldwells Road
HO4 stile with damaged top rail
HO4 top stile with replaced waymarks

4) Path HO6 from Attwood Lane to Munstone Road

HO6 entrance at Munstone Road
HO6 path through The Furlongs
HO6 entrance at Attwood Lane

5) Path HO8 from the Roman Road to Attwood Lane

HO8 near Attwood Lane
HO8 near Roman Road

4) Path HO8A from Attwood Lane to Coldwells Road

HO8A entrance at The Secret Garden pub, Coldwells
HO8A below The Secret Garden pub
HO8A up to The Furlongs
HO8A near Attwood Lane

5) Path HO9 from Munstone Road to Patch Hill Lane and Shelwick Lane

HO9 entrance at White House Farm, Munstone Road. Leaning fingerpost
HO9 stile
HO9 stiles at Patch Hill Lane
HO9 request not to use the path from Patch Hill lane past Stone House
HO9 – the other end of path past Stone House

I have been following the request not to walk through the garden of Stone House during Covid-19 but do not know if others have also followed that request.

6) Path HO10 from Munstone Road (Ivydene) to Shelwick, Shelwick Lane (Brean House)

HO10 near Ivydene
HO10 at the end of Patch Hill Lane
HO10 – boots a good idea for here?
HO10 – another spot for boots
HO10 approaching Shelwick Lane at Shelwick

7) Path HO13 from Munstone Road to Shelwick, Shelwick Lane

HO13 a muddy start near Munstone Road
HO13 Ramblers Work Party stile and bridge
HO13 – another Ramblers Work Party stile
HO13/HO14 junction – waymark replaced
HO13 flooded gateway
HO13 another flooded/muddy gateway
HO13 muddy access to stile
HO13 bridge at Shelwick, Shelwick Lane – in need of maintenance or replacement

8) Path HO14 from Shelwick Lane to Burcott Farm

HO14 field path near Burcott Farm
HO14 steps & stile at Shelwick Lane – in need of repair/replacement

This shaky structure was reported on the Herefordshire website by Councillor Coultas in October and given an enquiry reference of 11111621 and job number of 41311986.  I requested a progress update from Balfour Beatty on 28th January but could not extract an answer on when (or if) it would be done.

9) Paths HO15 at Shelwick Green and HO16 & HO17 to the A465

HO15 a wet approach to HO15 gate
HO15 notice near River Lugg
HO16 bridge at Shelwick Green
HO16 path from the railway level crossing
HO17 River Lugg stile – another replaced by a Ramblers Work Party
HO17 River Lugg stile repaired by a Ramblers Work Party
HO17 stile up to the A465 road

10) Bridleway HO18 accessed from the A465

Just a quick check to see if the fallen tree debris had been cleared. No change seen so I did some more clearance to improve access to the bridleway.

HO18 improved access through the debris

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