Agenda for Meeting on 9th November 2015

Councillors are summoned to a meeting on 9th November 2015 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre
Press and public are cordially invited to attend

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE
2. Co-Option of any new Councillors to the Parish Council
3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations
4. Request for dispensation
5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 12th October 2015
6. Action points from previous meeting

  • SR and MMIL to write and design content for newsletter.
  • AR, SR and MMIl will meet to discuss letter regarding crossing on Roman road.
  • MMO will look into who owns the verges on Attwood lane.
  • SR and RG to write to Richard Ball regarding Attwood lane petition.
  • RG to make sign for Welsh Water sewage tank.
  • RG to write to Geoff Hughes regarding 106 monies spread sheet.
  • RG to get advise on community assets from HALC.
  • RG to continue to get quotes for dog fouling bins.

7. Report by Ward Councillor
8. Public participation (10 mins)

9. Finance

  • Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
  • R Mills Burial ground £288.00
  • Holmer PCC room hire

10. Planning

  • Update sheet
  • 153052 – Land off Attwood Lane, Holmer, Hereford, HR1 1LJ *Click Here* for detail

11. Footpath update
12. Lengthsman

  • Contract
  • List of Jobs

13. Attwood Lane junction update
14. PC annual governance review.
15. Financial regulations update
16. Community assets update
17. Community led plan update and discuss proposed action plan
18. Decide budget and precept for 2016
19. Police report
20. Burial Ground
21. Clerks update and correspondence
22. Items for next agenda
23. Clerks Salary review
24. Date of next meeting 11th January 2016

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