AGENDA for meeting on 11th January 2016

Happy New Year hope you all had a great Christmas – we look forward to seeing you during 2016 at our meetings.

Councillors are summoned to a meeting on 11th January 2016 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre Press and public are cordially invited to attend

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE
2. Co-Option of any new Councillors to the Parish Council
3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations
4. Request for dispensation
5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 9th November 2015
6. Action points from previous meeting
• MMO to get of deeds to JP
• SR and NJ to meet with RB about Attwood lane
• RG wrote to KG regarding planning app 153052 no response was received and permission was granted.
• Standing orders and financial regulations MMIl

7. Report by Ward Councillor
8. Public participation (10 mins)
9. Finance
• Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
• R Mills lengthsman £314.88
• R Mills lengthsman £318.60
• R Mills burial ground £ 102.00
• ICO invoice £35.00
• Viking
• SLCC Membership £103.00

10. Planning
• Update sheet
• 153311 – Unit 1, Staniers Way, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 1JT Proposed erection of B8 detached storage building and the resiting
of 2 portable buildings.
• 153487 – Palmers Court East, Attwood Lane, Holmer, Herefordshire, Proposed dwelling
• 153579 – Palmers Court East, Attwood Lane, Holmer, Proposed conversion of outbuilding to two bedroom dwelling
• 153547 – The Starting Gate, 41 Holmer Road, Hereford,
Herefordshire, HR4 9RS Variation of Condition 2, Reference 151557/F (Single storey
extension to restaurant) – to reduce extension and to reposition ramped access
• 152705 – Land at The Crossways, Roman Road, Holmer, Hereford,HR1 1LA Proposed demolition of Cross House and erection of four new dwellings and associated access and infrastructure.
• 150478 Land to the North of Roman road and West of the A49 Holmer West Herefordshire Proposed erection of up to 460 dwellings including affordable housing, public open space, a Park & Ride facility, with associated landscaping access, drainage and other associated works.
• 153227 Copelands Church Way Holmer Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1LL Proposed single storey kitchen extension to rear.
• 153229 Copelands Church Way Holmer Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1LL Proposed single storey kitchen extension to rear Listed Building Consent
11. Footpath update
• P3 Scheme
12. Lengthsman
• Contract to be signed by chair
• List of Jobs and update on work done.
13. Sighting of dog bins on the Furlongs and Attwood lane
14. Attwood Lane junction update
15. PC annual governance review
16. Community assets update
17. Police report
18. Burial Ground
19. Clerks update and correspondence
20. Items for next agenda
21. Clerks Salary review
22. Date of next meeting 8th February 2016

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  1. I would like to know what is happening with the movement of the footpath next to the building site next to whitehouse farm, Munstone. It still appears to be completely missing. It has now been well over a year.


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