Councillors are summoned to a meeting on 10th April 2017 at 7pm at
Holmer Park Health Club & Spa Cleeve Orchard,
Roman Road, Hereford HR1 1LL
Press and public are cordially invited to attend

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1. Apologies for absence: To receive apologies and to approve reasons for absence

2. Declarations of Interest: With reference to items on the agenda members are reminded of their responsibility to declare interests and to update their Register of Interests as required.

3. Dispensations: To consider any written dispensations from members who have declared an interest but wish to stay in the meeting during that time to aid discussion / speak / vote. Requests to be with the Clerk at least four clear days prior to a meeting.

A resolution will be passed to exclude members of the public due to the confidential nature of the following item.
4. Casual vacancies: To receive an update on co-option and consider applications received.

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 13th March 2017

6. Progress reports:

1. Layby maintenance, A49
2. Heras fencing, Attwood Lane

7. Open Session:

1. Report by Ward Councillor: To receive a report by the Ward Councillor.
2. Public participation (10 minutes): The meeting will be adjourned for Public Question Time. At the discretion of the Chairman members of the public will be invited to speak and/or question the Parish Council on issues relating to this agenda or raise issues for future consideration.

8. Report from the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) steering group: To receive an update on the NDP including the appointment of a planning consultant.

9. Planning and Updates

1. P171008/F – Land adjacent to Lyde Cross Tree, Munstone, Herefordshire. Proposed three bedroom house with detached garage.
2. 170949 – The Office, The Grange, Shelwick, Herefordshire, HR1 3AW. Prior approval for a proposed change of use only of a class B1(a) office building to create a single dwellinghouse.
3. 171200 – Land adjacent to Stone House, Munstone, Herefordshire. Site for proposed cottage and garage using existing access.
4. P162912/RM – DETERMINATION MADE – Approved with Conditions. Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval. (P141487/O)- 41 dwellings, public open space and associated infrastructure.

10. Street lighting consultation: to consider the need for lighting on the following future developments (initial feedback only, the Parish Council will be asked to provide full comments later in the planning process):

1. Holmer West (between the A49 and the A4103).
2. Homer East (Crest Homes).

11. Footpaths report: To receive a report by the Footpaths Officer.

12. Lengthsman Scheme update: To receive an update on the Lengthsman Scheme and future funding arrangements.

13. Community litter pick

14. Dog fouling bins update

15. Finance:

1. Clerks Salary £421.88
2. HMRC PAYE £90.60
3. Burghill CAP Invoice 135/152 (printing): £162.36
4. HALC Invoice 7425 (training): £120.00
5. HALC Invoice 7444 (training): £120.00
6. Parish Council bank account update and mandate change

16. Training courses for Parish Councillors: To consider the most useful courses for Councillors to attend.

17. To consider date and format of Annual Parish Meeting

18. Councillors’ reports and Items for the next agenda: Councillors may use this opportunity to report minor matters of information and to raise items for future agendas.

19. Date of the next meeting