460 Houses Roman Road and Attwood Lane Road Works

150478 – 460 dwellings Land to the north of the Roman Road and the Attwood lane road works

The last two meetings have been well attended by members of the public – 20 at the 13th April meeting and around 80 at the Lyde church meeting on 30th March.

We thank you for coming and your participation has allowed us to understand your concerns and formulate a coherent response. Your continued input will aid us in preparing a future strategy that represents your interests on these subjects.

Please make comments so we can publish them on this website – your observations will give us credibility with the planning office – Thank you.

*Click Here* to make comments – 460 dwellings off the Roman Road


*Click Here* to make comments – Attwood lane road works.


460 Houses Roman Road and Attwood lane Road Works

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