Safer Neighbourhood Team April 2017


April 2017
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Crimes and incidents of interest 28th February 2017 to 30th March 2017

Sutton St Nicholas/Marden/Moreton on Lugg
Sutton St Nicholas – Between 19th and 22nd March person(s) unknown have damaged a plastic air vent to a portaloo at location. The facility has been pulled over with no further damage caused.

Dormington/Mordiford/Fownhope/Tarrington/Stoke Edith/Hampton Bishop
Hampton Bishop – Between 21st and 22nd March offender(s) have approached a secure, unattended tractor. The glass side window has been smashed with unknown object in order to gain entry and remove tools stored within.
Fownhope – Abandoned vehicle P359XGT parked off highway. Hereford Council has been informed and Police have written to registered keeper requesting its removal.

Credenhill/Breinton/Stretton Sugwas/Swainshill
Credenhill – Between 3rd and 4th March, person(s) unknown have removed vehicle wheel trims from victims’ vehicle.
Credenhill – Suspicious vehicle seen in the area of Credenhill WR07FKW VAUXHALL COMBO during evening and school pick-up times.
Breinton – Between 14th and 20th March theft of Lawnfight ride on lawnmower from secure detached outbuilding in rural location.

Tillington – Between 27th Feb and 3rd March theft of Massey Ferguson 135 tractor XYB890H with grass topper attached. Offender(s) have approached the area where vehicle was stored and cut through padlock.

Between 12th and 16th March person(s) unknown have approached a secure and unattended vehicle parked on owner’s driveway. An attempt has been made to gain entry by using instrument unknown, possibly a crowbar.

Bartestree/Lugwardine/Westhide/Withington/Whitestone/Preston on Wynne
Withington – Between 15th and 18th March victim has found criminal damage caused to 2 of their vehicles parked on roadside. Damage includes cracked windscreen, wheel nuts loosened and then replaced with covers and a tent peg found stuck in rear tyre.

Canon Pyon/Kings Pyon/Westhope
Canon Pyon – Between 17th and 21st March theft of plant pots from residents green house situated at rear of property.

Your team
PS Gareth KING
PC Bart McDonagh

**Please note the latest team changes**: PC Bart McDONAGH has now taken the position of Safer Neighbourhood Officer for Hereford Rural North

Contact details
101 to talk to your local SNT or report a crime
Only call 999 in an emergency, when a crime is in progress or life is in danger.

If you would prefer to report a crime anonymously including drug related information you can also call CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111

ACTION FRAUD 0300 124 2040
Fraud is carried out in many forms. It is conducted in face-to-face interactions, over the telephone, or online. The people who carry out fraud schemes usually do so through anonymity. This makes fraudulent actions much more successful, and it allows the person to continue to make illegal money in the future. For this reason, it is extremely important for all U.K. residents to report fraud whenever they encounter it. It is better to be safe than sorry, so you should report suspicious activity whenever you can.



Due to the lack of interest in the litter pick are postponing the event.

We’ll let you know when we’ve rescheduled it.
After last year’s successful litter pick we decided to make it an annual event (see Hereford Times article below).

We are asking for volunteers to register (see below) so that the necessary risk assessments can be carried out.

Rubbish bags and high-visibility tabards will be supplied and we will have some supplies of gloves and litter picks. The tidying up will start with a short get together in the Holmer Church Centre, Holmer, at 1.30 pm to collect your rubbish bags and you can return your filled bags there afterwards for collection. Participants should pick litter in a minimum group of two. Young people should only take part under parental supervision or as part of a recognised group.

As an added inducement, refreshments will be provided in the Church Centre that day from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm for hungry and thirsty tidiers!

If you are prepared to tidy a part of the parish please fill out the form below or contact the Parish Clerk (David Hunter-Miller Tel: 075113122918) giving your name, contact details and the part of the parish you are willing to tidy on the day.

Footpath Report 13th March 2017

1) Request received from a Roman Road resident to clear brambles and obstructions on Parish Footpath HO1. Path cleared on 8th March 2017 including cutting brambles back and moving tree obstruction (between steps and bridge into field)

2) Advised by Manny Smith this morning (11/03/17) that some clearance work had been carried out on Bridleway HO18. Also, that the missing /broken finger posts had works orders issued and should be resolved in due course.

3) DGS checked HO18 after talking to Manny Smith and found that the trees had indeed been cleared plus some other brush work. That leaves about 100 yards of brambles and undergrowth near the Roman Road gates which need to be cleared if a horse is to use the Bridleway. At present it is too narrow and too close to barbed wire to be used by a horse and rider.

4) DGS participated in strimmer training course organised by Balfour Beatty for the Ramblers on 27th February 2017

5) The “Public Notice of Making” fixed to the Furlongs end of H08A has been removed by DGS as agreed with Jill Addis at Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty Rights of Way and “temporary” waymarks have been attached to Attwood Lane end of path and Furlongs end of path pending erection of fingerposts.

6) The 2nd footpath from Furlongs onto Munstone Lane has been closed off and earth piled onto where path was. The official exit of HO6 onto Munstone Lane is now close to completion. Are rails to be fitted at the exit?

Duncan Smart (DGS),
Holmer & Shelwick Parish Footpath Officer

Footpath Report

Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Report – 20th February 2017


1) All the footpaths were walked on Tuesday 24th January 2017 (walked 13.5 miles but that did include PL1 by mistake)

2) On Monday 6th February I met Mr Maynard Smith (Manny), Hereford Rural Location Steward (who covers Holmer & Shelwick) at Balfour Beatty’s offices in Rotherwas. He signed me up, on behalf of Herefordshire Council, as Holmer & Shelwick Footpath Officer and gave me authorisation and guidelines about the role.

3) Manny was shown my preliminary list of public right of way (PROW) issues (18 items at that time) including:

a. The fingerpost on the ground in Holmer, at the corner by the pond (path HO3).
b. No fingerpost or waymarking at the Roman Road end of the path to Attwood Lane (path HO8)
c. No fingerpost or waymarking at the Attwood Lane end of the path through to the Furlongs (by the Care Home) (path HO8A) (Discovered the fingerpost on the ground on 19th February walk)
d. No waymarks at all on the path HO14 which runs down to The Burcott Farm from HO13 (and the paths across the fields have not been reinstated in this area.
e. Narrow path close to unprotected ditch in Shelwick (path HO10) where it comes to meet Shelwick Lane by Tumble Top
f. There is a Bridleway fingerpost at the A4103 end of HO18 but no waymarking at the broken first metal gate (at A4103 end of bridleway HO18) or at subsequent gates
g. Trees across HO18 path
h. HO6 path still shut off in the Furlongs
i. Stiles and waymarks in need of repair/replacement on HO17 by the River Lugg
j. Several other waymarking issues

4) Manny provided me with an initial stock of waymarks and “keep to the footpath” plates and clout nails. He also promised to send me maps of the footpaths marked up with the footpath numbers, which he has done.

5) Subsequently Manny has logged the pond fingerpost issue and it has a Balfour Beatty reference of 11040330 dated 3rd February 2017. He also advised that the broken gate on HO18 would need to be taken up with the landowner. That there was no money to do anything with the path HO10 by Tumble Top in Shelwick.


6) Manny explained that the Parish Council would have to pay for any materials that were required for stiles, gates, finger posts etc and gave me an indicative price list that I can pass on to the Parish Clerk if you do not have it already.

7) Manny appears happy for me to do repairs that are within my competence (subject to his approval) – even to erecting finger posts. However, I am not sure about the latter at roadsides because of not knowing where any services are buried below the ground.

8) Regarding the above if anyone has experience of erecting posts (Neill?) by roadsides then I would be happy to hear of it.

9) On Sunday 19th February I re-walked some of the paths (5.2 miles) and re-waymarked HO14 from HO13 down to Burcott Farm (all previous waymarks had been removed or broken)

10) Earlier today I went out in the Shelwick area with Arthur Lee, Chairman, Herefordshire Ramblers, to make use of his extensive knowledge on footpath issues and to look at the rather ropey stiles near the River Lugg. I am hoping that I may be able to interest the Ramblers work parties in helping to repair/replace the stiles. Is there any money available for purchase of materials from Balfour Beatty?

11) Did Holmer & Shelwick Parish join the P3 (Parish Paths Partnership) scheme? I see it was mentioned in previous Parish minutes. Or did the Parish only join it for the Lengthsman part of the scheme? If we are not in it I believe the Council has closed it to new applicants at present.

12) Does anyone have information about the landowners whose property is crossed by a Public Right of Way?

13) On 27th February I will be attending a strimmer training course at Dinedor Outdoor Centre which may be useful for the Parish

Duncan Smart
Holmer & Shelwick Parish Footpath Officer