Land East of A49, Holmer – Grid Ref: 50893 42531

Deserted Medieval Village

It has been brought to our attention that the below parcel of land may be considered for future development. A parishioner who lives adjacent to the land offered information that was researched at the Hereford Records Office. I have contacted the relevant department to discuss the findings and the following information will hopefully help should a potential development seek planning permission for housing.

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This is the information that I have been given:-
The area has been identified as a Deserted Medieval Village through aerial photos only. No excavation works have been carried out anywhere on this land.
Ridge & Furrow – this means land known as Agricultural Land
House Platform – possible foundations of buildings in terms of sections of remaining walls
Cemetery – This has been through verbal communication that there could be a burial ground.

The Historic Environment Records is a Database of Archaeology. With the land identified as a DMV should any planning application be submitted for proposed development, the County Archaeological Officer Julian Cotton would receive the application for his consultation.

Given the historical interest of the site, It is likely that an investigation or watching brief would be imposed as part of the conditions should planning permission be approved. If any archaeological remains are found this may have a bearing upon the development.

At this present time no further action is required by virtue that no planning application has been submitted to the Herefordshire Council Planning Services department.

Hope this is of aassistance
Angela Tyler

NDP or HAP Agenda

Meeting on 23rd November 7pm
at Holmer Park Health Club & Spa
Cleeve Orchard, Roman Road, Hereford HR1 1LL


1. Introduction by the chairman of Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council
2. Victoria Eaton and Kevin Singleton will talk about the Hereford Area Plan
3. Questions from Members of the public.
4. Lynda Wilcox will talk about the Neighbourhood Development Plan
5. Questions from Members of the public.
6. Vote taken by show of hands – ‘Should we join the HAP’ or ‘make our own NDP’
7. If we vote for HAP we will decide who will represent Holmer & Shelwick on the HAP committee. If we Vote for NDP Lynda Wilcox will help form an NDP committee.
8. Meeting Closed

Neighbourhood Development Plan or Hereford Area Plan

Meeting on 23rd November 7pm
at Holmer Park Health Club & Spa
Cleeve Orchard, Roman Road, Hereford HR1 1LL

Neighbourhood Development Plan or Hereford Area PlanDo you want – More houses?
More Shops?
Protect Green Spaces?
Improved local infrastructure?
High quality development?

Should we make our own Neighbourhood Development Plan or go with the Hereford Area Plan

Please come to our meeting so we can make the right choice together.

Neighbourhood Development Plan

What does it Mean?

You can have a say in how your Parish
develops in the future.

The NDP allows our local community to set out legally binding policies for future development.

What Happens Next?

It is essential that local residents are fully involved in the process – you must speak out, actively contribute to the plan and comment on it as it develops.

At the end of the process you vote in a referendum and if the majority says “yes” the Plan will be adopted.

Hereford Area Plan

What does it Mean?

Holmer and Shelwick have been invited to join HAP, which covers Hereford city and some adjoining Parishes.

Advantages of HAP
Residents do not have to form a committee and make the plan themselves.

Disadvantages of HAP
Less local influence on future development within our parish and 10% less money from the Community Infrastructure Levy.
(with the NDP we get 25% and with the HAP we get 15%).
No parish-wide referendum
the HAP will be imposed on our parish whether it is to our advantage on not.


Holmer Park Health Club & Spa
Cleeve Orchard, Roman Road, Hereford HR1 1LL

Safer Neighbourhood Team November 2016

Safer Neighbourhood Team November 2016

November 2016

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Latest updates

Crimes and incidents of interest from 1st October to 21st October 2016

17th October. Report of suspicious vehicle in the location of Hadley Hall, Bartestree. Vehicle registration number DV63 YLD white van. No further reports received in area.

Canon Pyon
17th October. Blue Ford Mondeo DA53 UBX has been used during the theft of red diesel from agricultural premises. The same vehicle was used on 9th Oct at the same location.

Between 14th and 17th October. Offensive graffiti written on roof supports of village hall.

Between 12th and 14th October. Theft of KTM motocross bike worth approx £3000 during burglary. Damage caused to property by offender(s) to gain access.

10th October. Report of suspicious males in vehicle YE63 OWB pertaining to be from Hereford Council.

Hampton Bishop
Report received that drivers of large agricultural vehicles are travelling through the village late at night, causing noise and disturbance to residents. Drivers reportedly on mobile phones and speeding.

Between 8th and 10th October. Unknown offender(s) have gained entry to business premises. Once inside, a tidy search has commenced with approximately 90 rolls of lead, hand tools, and power tools stolen from within.

Report of vehicle damage whilst parked on the roadside at the entrance to Dovecott Lane. A 6inch scratch was found by vehicle owner and a yellow post-it note left on windscreen “YOU’RE PARKING SUCKS”.

Between 6th and 7th October. Offender(s) have gained entry to victim’s padlocked shed. Once inside a tidy search has been carried out with various hand and power tools stolen from within.

Between 5th and 6th October. Theft of heavy bare wood 3 seater bench from quiet residential area.

Hampton Bishop
Between 2nd and 3rd October. Theft of white Ford transit van KV08 GWA vehicle was left secured and unattended in an insecure gated open commercial premise yard situated within a rural area. Vehicle was stolen without keys.

Stretton Sugwas
Between 30th Sept and 1st October. Entry to victim’s rear garden was accessed via hedge or 4ft fence. Here, offender(s) have entered an insecure shed and taken various power tools and a can of fuel.

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