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New website for Holmer & Shelwick from left, Ward Councillor Sally Robertson with parish councillors Mark Millmore & Dawn Arbuthnott

Your friendly Parish council website has made the news at the Hereford Times with the headline
New website aims to boost communication with parishioners in Holmer
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We now have 48 parishioners subscribed to the News Updates – please encourage anyone you know to sign up and also give us your feedback so we can improve the website.

Hereford Fireworks Display

The 2014 Hereford Round Table Fireworks Display will take place on Saturday 1st November at Hereford Racecourse. *Click Here*

Free childcare

Free childcare for some two-year olds. Is your child eligible? *Click Here*

Access to pharmacies in Herefordshire – public survey

Herefordshire Council is conducting a public survey to understand people’s views on pharmacy services and assess whether the current services are meeting the needs of local people. *Click Here* if you would like to take part in the survey.

Hereford United Football Club and Herefordshire Council

HUFC currently owes the council in the region of £65,000 in rent arrears, business rates and legal fees. *Click Here*

Free no strings attached software

Really useful things that are available on the Web for FREE – #2 FastStone Image Viewer

In the last update we introduced you to GIMP for photo editing. To go with it we recommend FastStone Image Viewer for cataloguing all your photos. It is a fast and user-friendly image browser, converter and editor and although we use Photoshop for advanced image editing we prefer FastStone over Photoshop’s native ‘Bridge’ image browser which is slow and too complicated for everyday use. *Click Here*


General Rubbish Collection for Holmer & Shelwick

Your general rubbish collection will change from November 2014

Delivery of the Black General Rubbish bins has begun in the Parish  if you  have not received yours yet go to the When will my new bin be delivered? webpage and enter your postcode.
Each bin is delivered with  a collection calendar and information pack

The alternate weekly collection system is:-

  • Black bin ‘General Rubbish’ will be picked up on one week (once every two weeks)
  • Green bin or clear recycling sacks ‘Recyclable Items’ – on the next week (once every two weeks)
  • Your collection day and recycling collection pattern may change – see the information pack that came with your black bin or with your recycling sacks
  • You should place your refuse and recycling out by 6.30am on the day of your collection
  • Collections are made for recycling and waste as normal on bank holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day
  • If you have more rubbish than will fit in your bin take it to the Hereford (Rotherwas) Household Recycling Centre *Click here*
  • If you have questions such as ‘If my general rubbish is collected every other week, will it smell or attract flies and vermin?’ or  ‘What are the arrangements for flats and for properties with communal bins?’
    *Click Here*

Remember there will be no collection on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day

Household bin collection – What is my recycling and waste collection day?

Service Standards for the Collection of Household Waste in Herefordshire >>

Recycling collection guide >>

Garden waste >>

Recycling centres >>

Parish Council Meeting at Holmer Parish Centre on the 10th November 2014 at 7pm.  You are welcome to attend.
Map on this page >>

New on this Website

  • A major upgrade to the Planning page includes a live feed of planning application for Holmer and Shelwick. This means every time Hereford Council publishes a planning application it will automatically appear on this page>>
  • Our own five-day Weather Forecast appears on the right side of the home page>>

Credenhill Park Wood, Woodland Trust.

Credenhill is a 90 hectare ancient woodland and historically important site which contains one of the 10 largest hill forts in the UK. It is dominated by conifers and there is also some natural woodland, and a ring of yew trees along the ramparts of the hill fort.

It has been designated as a special wildlife site; deer (Muntjac, roe and especially fallow),  buzzards, goshawk and kestrel are common.
Location: A few miles west of Hereford, the car park lies on the small road that connects the villages of Credenhill and Burghill.
Credenhill Park Wood >>

Free no strings attached software

As part of the service we are going to find really useful things that are available on the Web for FREE –  what is known as open source and has no string attached.
Ever wanted to have Adobe Photoshop but cannot afford the hefty price tag? Well GIMP is the answer.
GIMP is a free open source image manipulation program for such tasks as photo retouching and image creation. It has many of Photoshop’s functions and is available  for Window and MAC. It is also well supported with a downloadable user manual and there are lots of video tutorials on YouTube. *Click Here*

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Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council News Updates October

Parish Council Meeting

We now have a venue for the next Parish Council meeting:-
Holmer Parish Centre on the 10th November 2014 at 7pm
If you don’t know where the Holmer Parish Centre is you can find it using the Map on this page >>

Please come along – parishioners are  always welcome and we specially allocate time at every meeting for you to draw our attention to any topic relevant to the parish.

Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum

Queenswood country park arboretum contains a tree collection of over 1,200 rare and exotic trees from all over the world as well as 123 acres of semi-natural ancient woodland which is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and Local Nature Reserve.
Besides being a great walk it is full of natural treasures for children – *Click Here* to see a fully illustrated Wild Things Play Guide.

Queenswood Facebook

Queenswood Twitter Page

Website Visitors

In the last thirty days, since the website went live, 359 visits were made to the site by 155 people and all together they made 1597 page views.
The top page hits were:-

Some of you have had difficulty finding us on Google and Yahoo. The site is so new it has not yet registered itself in all the search engines.

However, as from today, if you enter ‘holmer and shelwick parish council’ exactly, it comes top on Google out of 1,280 results.

We have registered a few domain names, all of which point to the website but the preferred one is because it is the shortest. We suggest you bookmark it and then you’ll always be just one click away.

If more people share their views and interact with the website it will assist us in our endeavour to be more open and democratic. Holmer and Shelwick could be the model for other Parish Councils and together we can show them way.

There are now five comments on the Attwood Lane Church Way Question.

The Opinion survey
‘Should there be speed bumps in Atwood Lane’
36 people have taken part so far – 23 for, 11 against and two don’t knows

On-line Interactive Maps of Herefordshire

The Explore Herefordshire Map

This is an interesting interactive map – You can turn on and off different view modes by using the left column, which contains numerous subjects such as gritting routes, polling stations, planning applications, public rights of way and areas of outstanding natural beauty to name but a few. There are search, zoom and move tools

Parish councils and wards map
This map shows parishes, parish councils, county wards and county wards from 2015

Traffic Jams and roads being re-surfaced

On this webpage you can check live traffic jams in Herefordshire – if you select the ‘live traffic congestion’ box it shows you where all the traffic jams are. You can also sign up for email alerts.