160959 – Land to the east of The Rambles, Shelwick

A site meeting was held on Friday 13th May 2016 with members of the Parish Council and some residents of Shelwick. The proposed development has raised several concerns relating to flooding, highway safety, ecology, waste management and proximity of the railway.

It is apparent that flooding is an issue with regards to the southerly and easterly approaches to the proposed site given the photographic evidence of flooding along the lane and the ditch at capacity.

Highway safety is considered to be of a major concern for residents, for reasons of speed and safe access to and from the site because of Shelwick Lane becoming a rat run with commuters cutting across from the A49 direction to Worcester.

Other matters of ecology, waste management and noise have been noted and all matters will be addressed through the Parish Council comments to the relevant Planning Officer who is currently dealing with the Planning Application.

The Parish Council will keep residents up to date as to whether the application will be dealt with through the Scheme of Delegation to Officers or considered through the Council’s Planning Committee.

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