150478 Land to the north of the Roman Road

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150478 Land to the north of the Roman Road – Proposed erection of up to 460 dwellings including affordable housing,public open space, a Park & Ride facility, with associated landscapingaccess, drainage and other associated works.

Here is our response to Edward Thomas at Hereford Council Panning Office

Holmer and Shelwick Parish council object to this application for the following reasons:

1) As the site was the first major site allocated under the core strategy study and the core strategy is under challenge this application is premature and should be held over until the core strategy is implemented.

2) The application will cause a major increase in traffic to the Roman Rd and the A49 and subsequently the starting gate roundabout which is already at capacity.

3) Flooding to the Roman Rd from the Aylesbrook brook has not been addressed.

4) No provisions have been made for the affect this development will have on local schools.

5) No provisions have been made for the effect on local Dr Surgeries.

6) No shops have been included in the site meaning that people will have to use the car to go to the shop making this unsustainable.

7) There is nothing in the site showing where people from this site will work.

8) There are major concerns that the road going through the development will be used as a short cut from the A49 and this will be a major safety concern.

If you wish to remind yourself with what was said at the 30th March meeting *Click Here* to see the Minutes.

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2 thoughts on “150478 Land to the north of the Roman Road”

  1. Ref
    Flooding of Roman Road

    The flooding comes from several sloping fields and an over capacity culvert – not just the Aylesbrook stream, putting in a pond (with no outflow) will not stop this. I don’t think the developers have a clue about the degree of the flooding problem when it occurs. The developers and the Council will need to put in major drainage works to protect the present housing and this is not on their plans.

    Ref: other points

    I agree with all the comments of L Harrison – why isn’t the Council and Developers concentrating on brownfield sites and the many infill sites within the City boundaries for example the old Sun Valley Foods car park next to Widemarsh Common, that stationary queues of motorists view every day as they drive from the outskirts of the city. These potential areas are much closer to employment and leisure amenities.

    This development reminds me of the developments in the 1950s and 1960s when large housing estates with few or no amenities were inserted into green belt sites and which developments are heavily criticised today in planning circles. I thought we have moved on in the last 50 years where developments are much more subtle and thought through. Even in times when restrictions were much fewer this site was left alone for a reason.

  2. I am concerned that this is just urban sprawl on to much needed prime agricultural land with no consideration being given to the totally inadequate infra-structure needed to support such a large development. In the past, development of this site was strongly opposed by the planners and it would be interesting to know the argument for withdrawal of the objection.

    Government policy has now changed in favour of brown-site development and against development of agricultural land.

    Any development should be within the old city boundary to enable people to walk or cycle to work rather than add to the horrendous traffic problems.


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